Give a frock Friday


“Paris Match”, American soap actress Amelia Heinle stars in this 1999 InStyle magazine editorial photographed by Matthew Rolston. This Emanuel Ungaro Haute Couture chiffon and lace gown is embroidered with multicoloured beads. I remember buying this issue of InStyle because I remember this dress and Amelia’s smile in this particular shot. Such a great shot, especially with the Eiffel Tower behind her.

I also want to share with you that I landed an awesome new job! I started today and I am happy, happy, happy! 🙂

Have a great weekend xx

Wednesday Tumblr Delight

It’s school holidays here and while we suffer through the wet weather and the cabin fever together, I thought I would look for some inspiration in my Tumblr pics.

Inside play inspiration while the weather remains constantly wet and miserable.

Playing with scarves as my haircut grows out.

Wishing Games of Thrones series 3 was already here.

Wishing I could celebrate a new job with champagne and chocolate cake… sigh…

Keeping the girls from getting up to too much mischief while I write this blog post!

Daydreaming that I was on a plane going somewhere sunny and dry and far, far away.

But instead, my week will most likely end on a note like this.

Hope your week is going well. xx

Creative Spaces

Sometimes all a room needs is a cosy corner, a comfy couch and a splash of colour. This sky blue upholstered Chesterfield is just what I’m dreaming of. I have always loved these couches. Our living room is currently dominated by one very sad and well-loved dark brown leather Chesterfield.  The poor old thing is in great need of some upholstery work, and the cushions need re-stuffing also. The problem is that I need something else to sit on in the living room when it goes off for repair. This blue one would do just the trick I think. Sigh… unfortunately the kitty is very poor right now so I think a few bean bags and old milk crates is what we’ll end up with!

Rykiel Resort 2013

More from the Resort 2013 collections for you and this time my picks from Sonia Rykiel. Along with the unmistakable french charm the house is known for, this collection features Eastern and 1980s influences with Geisha inspired lacquered wood sandals and linen coats with lace accents. Rykiel’s famed knits feature a rose motif that plays on traditional Japanese woodblock printing. But it is the satin covered brogues and platform espadrilles and the 80s inspired graphic knotted stirrup leggings and jumpsuits that I’m loving.


Give a frock Friday

When the film Atonement came out in 2007, this dress became indelibly fixed on my brain. I adore the hypnotising shade of green and the 1930s silk, cut on the bias. Designed by costumier Jacqueline Durran, this talented lady has also designed costumes for Pride & Prejudice (2005) – again for Keira Knightly, Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones (2002) and lately for Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011) (awesome film!) and the soon to be released Anna Karenina, which also stars Keira Knightly.

I haven’t read Ian McEwan’s 2001 novel Atonement of which the film was based on, but I came across a blog which says this: Ian McEwan spent several pages on Cecilia choosing her dress for the eventful dinner in the novel. He describes her final choice, “As she pulled it on she approved of the firm caress of the bias cut through the silk of her petticoat, and she felt sleekly impregnable, slippery and secure; it was a mermaid who rose to meet her in her own full-length mirror.” Film director Joe Wright insisted to costumier Durran that the gown must have the same feel and so she came up with a flowing bias cut green silk gown that would flow with actress Keira Knightley’s movement, as if she were underwater. Of the dress design itself Jacqueline Durran said: “I know quite well that I didn’t make a 30s dress. We were creating a remembered moment of someone else, so I pulled details I liked from the 20s and 30s and worked out which ones would combine together to make something that suited Keira.”

Cecilia also wears diamond star hairpins and a cuff bracelet, all designed by Chanel for the film, and even though Jacqueline Durren didn’t win an Oscar for her beautiful creations for Atonement, her design surely has earned her a place in film history, something which will live on.

I think I am going to feature more frocks from films from now on. Do you have a favourite that you would like me to feature? Let me know by leaving a comment.

Enjoy your weekend x

Creative Spaces

Walls aren’t just for hanging framed art or pictures. These rooms have been decorated with hanging unusual native tribal masks and woven baskets, which make for a great change from the usual family pictures.

I don’t know how I would go sleeping in a bedroom with all those masks staring at me though…I think I would have to put something like that in a room or hallway.

You would probably be surprised at what you have stashed away in a linen closet, attic or garage that you could give life back to by turning it into a wall hanging. I have a hand painted Turkish plate that takes pride of place in my kitchen (thank you Bff for that!) You could always try hunting something down at a garage sale or swapping something from your home with something from a friend?

Have you ever tried sharing art with someone?

Pets & Furniture

Every Monday, Desire to Inspire posts “Pets on Furniture” which is a post all about, you guessed it – pets on furniture. If you’re having a slow start to your week I recommend you check it out because there is sure to be a picture that will make your day. Often there is a short and sweet tale attached to the animal in the picture (pardon the pun) and it’s not always dogs and cats either. They have basic rules when submitting your pictures; first, the pet must be on a piece of furniture, but it must look as if it is a photo of a great piece of furniture that you want to show off and your pet happens to be sitting on it. Plus the photo must of of a decent quality and no closeups of your pet.  I guess over time some of these rules become a bit lax as I have definitely seen pictures published where the furniture can barely be seen as the pet is lounging all over it!   Anyway, here are a few of my recent favourites for you to enjoy.

Finn the ginger tom.

Tulip and Nigella.

Pepper the Dachshund on an Eames rocker.


Baleia on a Florence Knoll armchair.

Dardo the bull terrier puppy on a vintage tulip chair.

As you can probably tell, it was difficult to narrow down my favourites. I especially adore the last dog because I grew up with bull terriers and they are very loyal, adorable animals, their cuteness definitely underestimated.

I take so many pictures of my gorgeous labrador Jet curled up on our bed or in our papa san chair on the deck that I definitely going to submit a photo for Desire to Inspire’s Pets on Furniture. I’ll let you know if they post her on their blog. 🙂

Give a frock Friday

Kate Moss in Givenchy Haute Couture, photographed by Bruce Weber for “Good Morning Vietnam” editorial in Vogue US June 1996.  This dress actually has an incredibly long train which stretches across a two-page spread in the magazine.

I love going back in time with these images. I know it’s only 1996, but sometimes it feels like it was so long ago with the way fashion changes so rapidly these days. Things seemed so much simpler back then, which is of course because they were!

Have a lovely weekend. x

Tinker Tailored Trousers

The 2013 Cruise/Resort collections are all over the web right now and I came across these gorgeous pants from the Chloè Resort 2013 collection today and have fallen totally in love!

Drop-waisted and tapered at the ankle with hems finished looking quite like the sleeve of a tailored shirt, don’t you think?



Appealing Things

I love to shower. I can’t get enough of feeling the steaming hot water fall like heavy rain on to my head, my back, my whole body.  When I was pregnant with my eldest daughter Chloè, the apartment we lived in in Sydney had no bath, just a teeny, tiny shower. I spent many hours relaxing in my shower, sitting on a fit-ball, letting the jets of water land on my pregnant belly.  I even did this while in labour because it was so therapeutic.

I grew up in a house without a bath. We had only a shower but we did have a fabulous outdoor hot tub!  As an adult, I have found I actually have quite an aversion to sitting in the bathtub. It almost feels like some past life issue overcomes me. Friends have questioned me on this, trying to get to the root of why and my answer is because I don’t feel safe, I dislike the feeling of the ceramic on my derriere and the water goes cold so quickly.

I do however feel differently about a sitting in a hot tub, which I guess is because it is much larger than your average bath, so you can share it more easily with you partner (or others), so there’s safety in numbers, plus the water stays hot.

I have plenty of friends who love to spend hours in their bathtub, their skin soaking up fragrant oils and hiding under the bubble bath.  So what about you? Which do you prefer  – a shower or a bath?


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