Casually Fine, Well Dressed Men

Recently a reader left me a comment that mentioned how difficult it is to dress casually fine when the weather is a constant and balmy 36 degrees celsius.  For women, we can put on a cool dress or skirt, but for a man, it’s not so easy to maintain a relaxed but stylish approach to dressing.  I can appreciate the difficulty because during our summers here my hubby often has to change his shirt during the day and he’s just walking from the car to the house!  Here are a few selections that might just provide some inspiration for you or your man’s summer wardrobe.

Classic white button-down with coloured trousers and brogues.

Simple elegance and that aubergine coloured loafer, yes!

Linen and light-weight fabrics work beautifully in summer, as does cool wool.

I want these seersucker shorts for myself please!

Ryan Gosling working a white tee.

I love men in shorts, especially tailored like this.

All one colour, all casual but the scarf and the rolled sleeves add personality.

I remember when everyone wore Polo shirts. Lacoste ruled.

The Louis Vuitton folio dresses up his drill shorts and favourite tee.

Tee and chinos.

Laid back and casually fine.

Short-sleeved button-down shirts can be more stylin' than an ordinary tee.

Plaid and denim. Cool combination.

Comfy long shorts (or short longs?) and a simple tee.

Ryan Reynolds does preppy and his chest seems to be almost bursting out of his shirt!

Robert Downey Jr, comfortable in his skin. Love his cute hat too.

Ewan McGregor, always casually fine.

It’s about mixing your favourites with something classic or even edgy.

It always takes me a while to put these types of posts together, I find myself spending way too much time looking for the perfect image because there are so many gorgeous pictures of handsome and well-dressed men to browse. 🙂

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