Appealing Things

Does your bedside table/night stand look anything like this one? Books piled on top of one another, just waiting to be read.

I have so many books and magazines crowding my bedside table, I don’t know how I am ever going to get through them all. I have another side table next to the sofa in the living room which is also piled high with books and magazines. Lately I can only manage a few pages before I fall asleep!  I used to read a few books at a time, but then I decided I wasn’t getting any of them finished, so I stuck to just one book at a time. Guess what? That approach hasn’t helped either.

I think the solutions is another internet-free weekend so that I can make a dent in some of these books. I don’t usually blog on the weekend, but I do surf and catch up on my RSS feeds and it’s incredible how much time I waste!

Ok, it’s decided. No internet this weekend!  Happy Monday to you all 🙂


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