Nice work if you can get it.

So I was just catching up on my daily reads and I came across a story that just, well it irks me.

Diet Coke has recently hired Jean Paul Gaultier as its Creative Director.  Diet Coke. Jean Paul Gaultier. Creative Director of a beverage company.

Since when does a beverage company require the services of a fashion designer, a couturier no less, to sell its product?

I know that designers and celebrities everywhere are paid ridiculous $$ for collaborative projects but, has the world gone mad?

I don’t know, is it selling out? Or is it simply a case of nice work if you can get it?

Obviously this is not the first time a very talented individual has been hired by a corporation to help sell a product.  But honestly, has the world gone mad?

I guess if I drank Diet Coke, I would probably be the first in line to buy one the Gaultier signature bottles.

Maybe I’ve just been job hunting for too long.  Maybe it’s Monday!

You gotta laugh, right?

Heidi x


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