Sun, Sand, Family (and a Bikini too)

Last Friday I told you that we had been offered the use of a friend’s beach house for a few days. Well, we arrived back late yesterday and I am so relaxed now that I’m having trouble getting back into all things blogging related. I completely disconnected from the online world (I didn’t even use my mobile phone)and it was fantastic, just what I needed. I am so grateful to our wonderful friends, I will never forget their kindness. I think because it was impromptu and so completely unexpected that made it all the more enjoyable for us. 

Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Beach is a sleepy little beach town, just under 2 hours drive away from home. Far enough away to feel like you’ve been somewhere, but without the need to book a flight. Days spent sleeping in, lazing about reading books, no internet, no phone, red wine at sunset and falling asleep to the sound of the waves – heaven! I even worked up the courage to wear a bikini on the beach – the first I’ve worn since, well… since before I became mama to my two darling girls. I looked around the beach and there were plenty of women in bikinis and so I finally realised that it was only my own insecurity that was keeping me from wearing a bikini. Once I accepted that, I threw off my beach dress and well, my girls and my husband all loved me in my bikini, and frankly, who else matters?

Me and Annabel, our little entertainer.
A view of the rainforest canopy from our walk to Lake Poona.

We took ourselves on a few walks while away, one big long one to Lake Poona that saw us walk over 4 kilometres. I was so proud of Chloe and Annabel, they never complained and chattered away the whole time. They were so entertaining, singing and la-la-la-ing all the while. 

Another walk was to see Carlos Sandblow, a natural wonder or in Annabel’s words – “it’s the desert!” With 360 degree views, it is a unique mass of sand named by Captain Cook after one of his deck crew. It’s pretty amazing and the views breathtaking. It was also a great work out walking from top to bottom and back again. I played around taking pictures of my shadow and of course, the girls made obligatory sand angels.

 Me and my shadow.
 Annabel and Chloe making sand angels.
 The scenery on our walk to Carlos Sandblow. 

And so I came back to the world of blogging today and realised this is my first post for a new month – is it really April already? It doesn’t feel like mid-Autumn here, I mean I just spent the last 5 days on a beach, the weather was hot, the water was warm and the sky a constant shade of bright blue. This is why Autumn is my favourite season. 

It’s Easter this Sunday and hubby and I are trying to work out how to set up a chocolate egg hunt for our girls without our two labradors getting to the eggs first – wish us luck!

Happy Easter,


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2 thoughts on “Sun, Sand, Family (and a Bikini too)

  1. aww, it looks like you had a wonderful time! Well deserved. Hmm., how to keep the dogs busy so they don't eat chocolate, maybe keep them contained somewhere else with a new toy while the easter egg hunt is going on? Enjoy your Easter holiday.

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