Ralph Lauren channels Downton Abbey

I just finished watching season 1 and 2 of Downton Abbey. Two things. One, yes I am aware I am a late starter here, I make no apologies. And two, I am totally and irrevocably hooked!

The cast of Downton Abbey photographed at Highclere Castle by Jason Bell for Vanity Fair.

Ralph Lauren’s FW 2012 collection at NYFW was so obviously inspired by the hit television series. Here are some of my favourites from the collection.

Tweed, velvet, cerise, leather, plaid, animal prints and bomber jackets worn with evening gowns. Hats of the bowler, cloche and top kind, and long, long gloves. Ralph Lauren gives prim and proper Britishness an injection of cool. Looking closer I am reminded of costumes from 80s movie High Road to China, and another favourite British television series set in the 1920s, The House of Eliott. As the third season of Downton Abbey moves into the 1920s, I cannot wait to see what delights the show’s costumier delivers. 

What I cannot believe is how long I have to wait to see it. Is it true we have to amuse ourselves with something else until October? Thank god Mad Men returns next month!



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4 thoughts on “Ralph Lauren channels Downton Abbey

  1. Oh I too am eagerly anticipating winter too – a very strange thing for me to say (and admit!) but I think it's all the plaid and velvet on the runways, can't wait!

  2. Yes! I also watched The House of Elliot. And I do like those Ralph Lauren pics….I can see how I'm currently being influenced by all things wool and tweedy, plaid and velvety at the moment. Just waiting for winter. Which is very unusual for me.

  3. If only they would replay The House of Eliott sometime on the telly. Wouldn't that e nice? That would certainly see me through to October! X

  4. Oh yay, someone else who knows 'The house of Elliot', I loved that show.
    I'll be a really late starter, I'm yet to watch 'Downton Abbbey'. Perhaps I should wait until later in the year.

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