Before there was Pinterest

If you’re not familiar with Pinterest and the fabulousness of it all, then may I suggest you get yourself acquainted?  

This digital pin board is mecca for collectors of all things and a place where time-suckage is a major side-effect, and, well let’s just say that if I am having a bad day, there is nothing that a little bit of time spent pinning on Pinterest can’t cure.  

I even have boards for my daughters.  We sit together on our iMac or with my iPad, pinning away our favourite things.  Horses for Chloè of course, and for Annabel it’s all things dance, Disney and animals.  

Before the invention of Pinterest, I did my image collecting the old fashioned way.  I cut them from magazines and pasted them in books.  I didn’t use just any old scrap book though, no way.  I bought blank hardcover books from Borders.  

That way my images would stand up to the test of time, which they have because my oldest book is going on ten years old and is still in perfect condition.  

I still use these books for inspiration and I occasionally paste images in them from old magazines and newspapers.  But I don’t think this will be happening for much longer because now with my iPad I can take my digital boards with me wherever I go, out shopping, visiting friends, travelling, wherever.  It’s a lot easier, less cumbersome and there’s no more ruining my magazines or shards of papers from one end of the house to the other.  

To start pinning, click here and request an invitation to join Pinterest.  But be warned, it’s addictive!



All images my own, except for top image found on Pinterest.

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2 thoughts on “Before there was Pinterest

  1. I think it is amazing how with the internet we now know many others out there in this world that are a lot like ourselves? I just find it very curious.

  2. Pinterest is wonderful and seems to have tapped into the archiving gene all of us bloggers possess. I love your "old" notebooks, though. My paper archives are either stashed in a file folder or, when I get ambitious, put in those thin plastic sleeves and white binders. And then there are the stacks and stacks of old magazines in my office closet ….

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