Lost & Found

Yes! World

Just for a short time, I am neither wife, nor child, nor mother
    – only myself.
With this immensity of sea and sand engulfing,
underfoot, the heat-hazed sand.
Here alone on the shore I am free.
Free to be my own woman, to find myself.
     To feel, watch, discover!
     Who am I? Who?
What is this being, other than eternal female?
I search behind closed lids and red lights dance.
     But there is nothing.
No aim, no goal, no purpose to declare.
Nothing to contribute, nothing to proclaim.
Am I a person or a wave, or a three-way mirror reflecting.
I must let this sun, sea and solitude soak into me.
This quiet time alone.
Let its strength flow into me, like heating balm
So I may give out again to those I love.

(Author unknown, found on the beach – true story)

A poem which I often turn to.  I hope you like it too.


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One thought on “Lost & Found

  1. You found this on the beach?! That's incredible. Let's hope the author kept a copy for herself — how sad it would be to have lost these lovely words.

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