Tick or Treat?

When I was a kid, Halloween was not something we celebrated.  In fact, I didn’t really get what it was about, the dressing up and the purposeful scaring of little ones, it just didn’t make sense.  

These days it’s a different story thanks to television, movies and marketing.  Halloween has invaded us down here and I even have children knocking on my door for treats.  They certainly don’t care for the trick thing though because I’ve often been caught short with no treats to offer and these kids are not even interested in a trick, sadly.  That said however, I do feel I would be caught short there too, as I really don’t know any tricks except for “Got your nose”.  

My girls have convinced me to let them go out “Trick or Treating” this afternoon after school.  I do hope that the neighbours are prepared for two little girls dressed up as witches, they will be so disappointed if they come back with their treat bags empty.

Anyway, I’m off now to stock up on treats – just in case.

Happy Halloween!


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3 thoughts on “Tick or Treat?

  1. Where are you? I'm in NZ and have the same thing…we don't really do Halloween…but this year have had three lots of trick or treaters, and had no lollies!!!! So my son (7) gave up his own stash to the first bunch of kids….and then we went out and bought some. Exciting. I've promised my boy next year we will do it!

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