And so to bed…

Lately I have been considering the bedside tables in our bedroom.  Years ago I found a matching Queen Anne pair which were an absolute bargain, they just needed a little love.  I painted them in a high-gloss black.  Unfortunately in the great clean-out of 2009, we foolishly sold them.   Since then we have been making-do with a donated pine, single-drawer unit and another quite useless table picked up from somewhere that has no storage and is way too small.

We have found gorgeous mis-matched lamps to go on the temporary tables and now I am on the hunt for another table to replace the one on hubby’s side of the bed because I have plans for the pine one my side. I am going to sand it back and paint it a gorgeous shade of something… plus add a decorative handle to the drawer.

I always read before bed, so a table with plenty of space for my many books has got to be standard.

I have been scouring the wonderful and quite vast amount of interiors blogs out there for inspiration and here are some of my wonderful finds!

As I am also thinking about making a classic upholstered bed-head for our bed, I am loving some of these pictures for their double inspiration.

 I love this old telephone table – the original purpose of which is no longer needed since the invention of cordless phones. It’s good to see it being put to good use instead of ending up on the scrap heap.

Utilising an old table for the bedside is brilliant and I think it is probably going to be a lot easier for me to find an old table.  It’s off to the second-hand stores for me I think.

Have a great weekend!


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