Come on in…

I have been collecting images of different front doors for a little while now and it is so much fun to see the different ways people express themselves with the entrance to their home.  

What we see entering someone’s home is also the first insight we get into the personality of the homeowner and those whom inhabit it.  Sometimes people go over the top, using colour, furniture, awnings, fancy doorbells and door knockers to show off their personality and to make their home seem welcoming.
A shot of vibrant colour, whether it be from a paint can or through a plant’s foliage or flowers can really inject some style to a home, don’t you agree?  

But then, something as simple as a single hanging plant can be all that is needed. 

Rustic front doors are always appealing, they betray nothing of what lies behind them, which is often the case with the terrace houses in places like Surry Hills, Newtown and Glebe in Sydney.  The front doorways are often left un-renovated to deter thieves.   

 Walking up a foot path to the entrance of a home, whether it be just off the curb like the one above, or thirty to forty paces, the personality of the home’s inhabitants is often displayed by the front door.  A front entrance can be welcoming, maybe even enticing.  It may make you feel a bit of curiosity for what is behind it or it might make you want to turn and run away.

I once lived next door to a little cottage that had a long and narrow foot path leading to an entry much like this one above.  It certainly made me feel like I was heading to somewhere mysterious every time I tread that path.

I don’t think many people could claim that the entry to their home is surrounded by water?  Ah, Venice…


Sources: all images found here.

She’s No Plain Jane

Ever have a favourite, but didn’t know it was your favourite?
That’s Jane Roarty for me.

Stylist extraordinaire, Jane Roarty is the name credited to many of my favourite editorials over the years.  A Harper’s Bazaar alumni, Jane is currently executive fashion editor of Marie Claire Australia.

Jane’s strengths lie in her ability to use the details of design to encompass an entire look.

Jane’s work is incredibly original, and when looking back through my old magazines, (and let me tell you, some editorials move way past their prime fairly quickly) Jane’s work still retains a fresh perspective.

Jane has also ventured into interiors styling, having styled Belinda Seper’s home for a shoot for Marie Claire and she is also interpreting the current European catwalk trends for furniture, home wares and lifestyle mega store Domayne.

Images of Belinda Seper’s home as styled by Jane Roarty for Marie Claire.

“How you dress and how you live are mirrors of your personality, and they are entwined.  If you have a love of fashion in what you wear, you also have a love of how your home is styled.”

I couldn’t agree more Jane.


Sources: Australian Marie Claire magazine,, Australian Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

Gone Glamping

Glamping.  It is a strange sounding word which essentially means the joining of both glamour + camping. 

The bell tent available from The Glam Camping Company.

Glamping is camping for those unwilling to forgo life’s little luxuries when roughing it.  

Glamping is the way to camp and according to Vogue magazine, Camp Kerala at the UK’s Glastonbury festival is where Glamping can be found in all its glory.  

My family and I are going camping during the summer holidays, just after the New Year.  We will be heading to a beachside camping area with another family and to be honest, I cannot wait to go.  The idea of living rough with no housework, no timetable, no schedule, hooray!  Sun-kissed skin, salt-water spray in my hair, lip balm, sun hats and living in my togs is my idea of heaven.  At least it will be for about seven days.

I am definitely going to be getting one of these beach shades from Hollie & Harrie before we go.  Isn’t it just too gorgeous? 

Glamping.  It reminds me of Meryl Streep and Robert Redford in Out of Africa.  They really new how to set up camp back then, didn’t they? And while there are companies out there bringing the old-school safari style tents back, with stripes and tassels, there are some designers looking well ahead into the future and are designing tents like this concept tent from French designer Pierre Stephane Dumas. 

Transparent bubble tent.

If you want to read more about the best places to go Glamping around the globe, follow this link.  And for all your Glamping essentials, click here.


And so to bed…

Lately I have been considering the bedside tables in our bedroom.  Years ago I found a matching Queen Anne pair which were an absolute bargain, they just needed a little love.  I painted them in a high-gloss black.  Unfortunately in the great clean-out of 2009, we foolishly sold them.   Since then we have been making-do with a donated pine, single-drawer unit and another quite useless table picked up from somewhere that has no storage and is way too small.

We have found gorgeous mis-matched lamps to go on the temporary tables and now I am on the hunt for another table to replace the one on hubby’s side of the bed because I have plans for the pine one my side. I am going to sand it back and paint it a gorgeous shade of something… plus add a decorative handle to the drawer.

I always read before bed, so a table with plenty of space for my many books has got to be standard.

I have been scouring the wonderful and quite vast amount of interiors blogs out there for inspiration and here are some of my wonderful finds!

As I am also thinking about making a classic upholstered bed-head for our bed, I am loving some of these pictures for their double inspiration.

 I love this old telephone table – the original purpose of which is no longer needed since the invention of cordless phones. It’s good to see it being put to good use instead of ending up on the scrap heap.

Utilising an old table for the bedside is brilliant and I think it is probably going to be a lot easier for me to find an old table.  It’s off to the second-hand stores for me I think.

Have a great weekend!


Thirty Faux

A year has passed already and while I have been totally distracted by the birthday celebrations of my youngest daughter’s 6th birthday last week, it is easy for me to forget that my birthday follows hers one week exactly.  (I wonder what Freud would say about that).
Birthday’s come around so quickly these days.

In my party frock, ready to hit the town!(Some time ago, let’s say the late 70s)

To anyone else celebrating their birthday today, Happy Birthday to all the Leos out there!

Ciao for now,


So long Winter, hello Summer! (I Wish)

It’s only the beginning of August, I am so over Winter and all the covering up, I can’t stand it any longer!  The spring collections are already in store and yet I can’t wear any of it because it is still too cold.  That’s just cruel, don’t you agree?  Why do stores do that?  
 I cannot wait to be back in shorts again… sigh… 
 Linen dresses with canvas slip-ons… 
 Practical dressing is so easy when the sun is out, yes?
 The colours of summer – and the simple white Tee.
 Short lengths, bare legs…
 I live in linen, shorts and flats during the summer.
It’s my birthday tomorrow… is it time to go shopping for my spring wardrobe?  Well if I have to, I have to!


Sources: The Sartorialist, Jack&Jil, People.

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