Friday Picks

It’s Friday.  Don’t you just love Fridays?  Today was the most gorgeously sunny winter’s day here, just heaven!  Checking out the haute couture shows – or rather, the foot traffic on the scene outside the shows has filled me with inspiration and longing for more colour!  Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Green is my favourite colour, so of course I love this cute purse and cameo ring.
I heart Prada stripes.
 I carry a gorgeous fan in my purse with me all summer long.  You’d be surprised how handy it becomes.
 I want these for summer.  I want these for whenever actually.
 It’s all in the details… the polka dots, the rings, her nail lacquer…
 Cute and colourful skirt.
 Chambray jumpsuit on Karlie.  I’ll be hunting for one of these.
The irrepressible Catherine Baba.  

Blogger have just sprung their current publishing platform on me and so I have no idea how this post is going to turn out.  
Fingers crossed!


P.S.  Message to Blogger: what have you done to my picture sizer? Hmm??

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