Winter Solstice

I cannot go through winter without wearing a hat and a scarf.  For me, it is quite simply the only way to get through!

I live in a part of the world that is famous for its sensational weather and I don’t think I have ever before experienced cold weather here like it has been this past week, and my vast collection of woolly scarves, hats and beanies have all been getting quite a workout.  

I love the ease of the beanie.  I often throw one on when I’m dashing off to drop my girls at school.  

(Rachel Bilson & Drew Barrymore working their beanies)

This is mostly because it is before I’ve had a chance to wash my hair and so the beanie (or any hat for that matter) hides bed hair as well as laziness – what more could you ask for in an accessory? 


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