Winter Style Distractions…

Denim Flares (image: The Sartorialist)

It is true that I have been a little distracted this month from my blogging, (ok, a lot distracted).  The truth is that I have quite a few irons in the fire at present and unfortunately blogging was the one that got shoved to the side of the pile and seriously, I have no regrets.  Sometimes there are bigger things in life than blogging.

I love this pea-coat with the heavy jewellery and you gotta love a classic beanie in winter(image: Garance Dorè)

I am moving house this week and while my computer is moments away from being shut-down, (hence this week’s short and rapid blog) I realised how easy it is for me to switch off all things cyber-world.  I haven’t even being doing any Twittering (not even on my mobile!) which is a bazaar occurrence in itself, but in the words of Carrie Bradshaw: “Isn’t delayed gratification the definition of maturity?” …hmmm…

Colour brings an outfit to life (image: The Sartorialist)

As I am knee-deep in butcher’s paper and cardboard boxes, I shall simply leave you with a few of my favourite winter images I have savoured over the past few months and hopefully next week I shall be back on board, guns blazing, etc, etc, etc!

I love this look, especially the socks, one of my favourite looks I think. (Image: Garance Dorè)
My idea of white for winter – much more warming don’t you think?(Image: The Sartorialist)
It’s all about plaid this winter. Tread carefully.
 I am going to have to give this a try one of these days – it looks so chic to ride in heels! (Image: The Sartorialist)
 Great hair, great scarf, love the jeans! (Image: Streetfsn)
I adore this hat, the pink with the dark blue and chambray is gorgeous and warming too. (Image: Streetfsn)

I have loads more cool winter looks to share, but I’m going to save those for another time.  Ciao for now!


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