Why do French Women Have Such Fabulous Hair?

I have done much reading on the subject of French women and their hair and I have discovered that less is definitely more.  The cut is far more important than colour and sans brushing is as much a part of their secret as is long layers and celebrating grey hair.
To my delight, I realise that I have been following this relaxed approach to hair care for some years now without even knowing it.  Perhaps my French great-grandfather’s blood runs through my veins more than I realised?  
Audrey Tautou’s pixie cut is a definitive look for her.  It suits her so well, much like Audrey Hepburn’s pixie in Roman Holiday and also in Sabrina.  A hair-cut can literally change your life!
Audrey Tautou


Juliette Binoche 


Marion Cotillard


Anna Mouglalis


Vanessa Paradis


Brigitte Bardot


Francoise Hardy


Èlodie Bouchez


Charlotte Gainsbourg


Astrid Bergès-Frisbey


Mèlanie Laurent


Carole Bouquet


Laetitia Casta


Clèmence Posèy
I may be lax in self care from time to time, but hair care is the one thing that means more to me than shoes, (shocking, I know) because your hair is your mane and in the words of Vicki Archer on her blog French Essence:
“For the French hair is about the individual woman not about her age and the care and maintenance of hair is routine – not a cure to be taken once or twice a year. I have learned this from French women – look after the hair and the rest will follow.”

I think that says it all, don’t you?


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So long, Elizabeth

It is going to take some time getting used to a world without her in it.  Elizabeth, (apparently she hated being called Liz) one of the last great Hollywood studio stars was the most glamourous woman ever.  She also had an amazing strength from within, surviving many battles over the years with her health, her career and love-life.
How lucky we are to have so many wonderful films like Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, The Taming of the Shrew and Cleopatra to witness and remember her great talent and of course, her very distinctive beauty.


The Clutch Bag: Sporting a Fashion

Imagine that fashion is a sport, and Fashion Week is the main event, the Olympics, if you will. 

Every day fashion editors, stylists, designers, models and fashionistas are photographed going to and from the shows and the person who is photographed and blogged about the most is the winner!  

Sounds fun, right?  Sounds like a lot of pressure to me, but I guess they wouldn’t dress up to be photographed if they didn’t like the attention?

And so, my pick for first place for Autumn/Winter 2011 Fashion Week goes to the gold medal winning duo Taylor Tomasi Hill and her Cèline clutch pouch.  This little item has been photographed to death, and guess what? Everybody wants one now, go figure?  

In Second place, not far behind Taylor is Anna Dello Russo, for no other reason than because she is Anna.  

In third place is anything from the Prada Spring/Summer 2011 collection, the prettiest collection of colour, print and stripes ever!  As Anna was photographed wearing much of the Prada collection, I guess Anna has won silver and bronze?

The star accessory on the street was the clutch pouch, it was photographed time and again by street photographers, making it appear as the only bag we should be carrying.

While Cèline may hold the gold medal for most photographed accessory, the clutch appeared in all colours, textures and sizes, and thus, a new trend is born.  But what else is Fashion Week for?


Sources: Streetfsn.blogspot.com

Honorable Mention from the Autumn/Winter ’11 Runway

I had always thought that the pairing of John Paul Gaultier with Hermès was kismet.  But now, after seeing Christophe Lemaire’s debut collection for Hermès at Paris Fashion Week, I see that perhaps I was mistaken.  

Lemaire’s inspiration for the collection was the arts of “la chasse” (the hunt) and falconry, one model even appeared with a falcon perched on her wrist and another carried a bow and a quiver of arrows.  (Reminded me a little of Robin Hood.)

The collection was staged in Hermès brand new rue de Sèvres store on the Left Bank, with the audience seated inside wooden latticed pods.

While those pesky bonnets did appear, there is no denying the refined quality and workmanship that encapsulates the house of Hermès, it was unmistakeable.

I loved every piece. 


Sources: The Sartorialist.

Playing Favourites from Fall 2011 Paris Collections

Quite the concoction; texture and colour, python, fur and leather with a dash of bling thrown in for good measure. These are some of my favourites from the runway.  

Dries Van Noten
Fendi (don’t you just love the coloured woollen tights?)

John Paul Gaultier 

Haider Ackermann


This has been so much fun! I love that we have access to great images so quickly these days, rather than waiting on the edited and printed versions from the likes of ELLE and VOGUE.  Not that I am saying I shall ever stop buying my favourite magazines – heaven forbid!  


Sources: UK Telegraph, The Sartorialist, Garance Dorè.

Genius Derailed

“Tales of success and excess, of artistic genius unbounded and venom unbridled, of tragedy surmounted and succumbed to, are endemic in the worlds of fashion and film and music. One only has to look at the implosion of careers such as Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan and Mel Gibson.” – Hilary Alexander, Fashion columnist for the UK Telegraph.

The presentation of the autumn/winter 2011/12 Dior collection, designed by Galliano, is still scheduled for this Friday at the Musée Rodin. 

When I look at these gowns, it is sad that the House of Dior will no longer have such talent at the helm.  

But then again, no-one is irreplaceable, right?


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