Prada Fall 2011

This could get ugly… 

I’m sorry to tell you this, but Prada thinks that we’ll be wearing bonnets this Autumn/Winter too.  What’s worse, is that some of them will be furry, and some of them made from python.  Have no fear though, for I am certain that Anna Wintour and Emmanuelle Alt will do their best to make these little accessories look absolutely must-have when they appear in the pages of their respective issues of VOGUE.  

Miuccia’s team at Prada are masters at interpreting her design direction and as we take our first look at the current collection, it is not until we see how the looks filter down from the runway and out onto the street, where they are photographed  by the likes of Garance or Tommy Ton that we truly see these clothes come into their own.  (But this could be true of most designers, I think).

Dropped waists, pleats and coat dresses. Flokati rugs, mermaids, aviator goggles, oversized buttons, belt buckles on low hanging, wide belts, and shoes that can’t decide what they are – high heel or knee-high boot.  

But in the end, it really is lots of fun and we shouldn’t take it too seriously, should we?


Sources: The Sartorialist, Garance Dorè.

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2 thoughts on “Prada Fall 2011

  1. It was quite bizarre, wasn't it? Loved the atmosphere and the soundtrack, though, and I have to admit I was quite fond of the boots. The sequin shifts were beautiful, but unwearable for someone of my shape…but yes, my main problem was with the bonnets. And all the python – yuk!

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