Prada Fall 2011

This could get ugly… 

I’m sorry to tell you this, but Prada thinks that we’ll be wearing bonnets this Autumn/Winter too.  What’s worse, is that some of them will be furry, and some of them made from python.  Have no fear though, for I am certain that Anna Wintour and Emmanuelle Alt will do their best to make these little accessories look absolutely must-have when they appear in the pages of their respective issues of VOGUE.  

Miuccia’s team at Prada are masters at interpreting her design direction and as we take our first look at the current collection, it is not until we see how the looks filter down from the runway and out onto the street, where they are photographed  by the likes of Garance or Tommy Ton that we truly see these clothes come into their own.  (But this could be true of most designers, I think).

Dropped waists, pleats and coat dresses. Flokati rugs, mermaids, aviator goggles, oversized buttons, belt buckles on low hanging, wide belts, and shoes that can’t decide what they are – high heel or knee-high boot.  

But in the end, it really is lots of fun and we shouldn’t take it too seriously, should we?


Sources: The Sartorialist, Garance Dorè.

More Fall 2011

Very Halston and very gangster glamour.


Images from The Sartorialist and Garance Dorè.

A glimpse of Fall up in the North

Here is a glimpse at Marc Jacobs and Victoria Beckham Fall 2011 collections. 

We all know that Monsieur Jacobs is a fashion genius.  He is able to persuade us to wear the most unlikely of attire which goes on to become fashion classic.  How does he do it?  

The look is very 40s inspired, don’t you think?  The cut of this skirt is divine!  Not sure about the bonnet though (it is a bonnet, yes?)

Mrs Beckham is on every fashionista’s radar this season.

What is it with bonnets? I hope they don’t expect us to wear them.  


Photos by The Sartorialist.

They don’t make them like they used to.

Today is Valentine’s Day and so I felt like writing a little about what I believe is one of the best romantic comedies ever.  

Of course even if you haven’t seen it, you will most likely know of the very famous scene when Meg Ryan’s character Sally proves a point to Harry (played by Billy Crystal) by faking an orgasm in the middle of a crowded cafè because he doesn’t believe that women  may be “faking it” with him in bed.

My favourite scene is when Sally and Harry realise they are falling for each other but are too afraid to admit it.  They have begun spending more and more time together, each sharing parts of their recent breakups from long-term relationships where they both get to support and give advice to each other, along the way becoming friends.  

When Harry Met Sally has an excellent supporting cast in Carrie Fisher (Marie) and Bruno Kirby (Jess) both playing their roles to perfection.  I am sure MGM could easily have developed a sequel with just those two characters in the lead.  

Meg’s character Sally Albright is described by Harry as one of the worst kind of women because she thinks she is low maintenance when really, she is high maintenance.  I do love the way that Sally orders her meal.  I too am someone that likes things how I like them, but I don’t think I would go to the extreme of ordering pie like Sally does.  I’m not that big a fan of dessert for starters! 

I love Sally’s hair and makeup in this part of the film, (it is 1977 after all) I love that she sprays hairspray on her hair before getting out of the car!  

By the time the film ends in 1989, her wardrobe has changed but her style has remained the same. Tailored and classic New York of the era. I love her hat in the scene where Sally and Harry are taking a walk together in a park.  I have a hat just like it which I refer to as my Annie Hall hat because Sally’s hat looks like Annie’s

Today the classic split screen dialogue between Sally and Harry would be played out with Skype instead of on the telephone.  I like how this method was updated in You’ve Got Mail with Kathleen and Joe’s romance playing out on email. Makes you wonder how it will all happen over the next twenty years.   

They don’t really make them like they used to anymore.  I struggle to find a romantic comedy that I can watch over and over with the same fresh eyes as I do When Harry Met Sally.  Of course, it may be just me? What do you think? Has Hollywood made a romantic comedy in the last decade that you would consider to be a modern classic? 


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