Handmade Home-wares to Treasure

I have a real love for handmade home-wares.   I can spend hours in  op-shops scouring shelves for stoneware, glassware.   Sometimes I can get very lucky by finding the odd designer piece that has been over-looked by a stylist or collector.

Bison Australia, Dinosaur Designs and La Chamba Colombian cookware are my all time favourites.

If ever you are lucky enough to own a piece of the lovingly handmade Bison stoneware, make sure you hold on to it forever because these pieces are sure to be collector’s items.

Bison Julie bowls 

Bison milk jugs 

Bison pinch pots 

Bison sugar pots

Their colour palette is beautiful, certainly it has got to be part of the reason I am so drawn to Bison.  

Dinosaur Designs are an iconic Australian brand.  The bold and vibrant colours are so gorgeous it’s hard to pick out a favourite.  

It was instant love for this Colombian black clay cookware when I saw Nigella Lawson using it on one of her shows.  I was hooked, I couldn’t get it out of my head.  Turns out La Chamba cookware is handmade in Colombia and thanks to the internet, I can buy it online, but it is also widely available in good kitchenware stores.

Has anyone else been lucky enough to find an exceptional piece of home-wares in an op-shop or flea-market?


Sources: Bison Australia, Dinosaur Designs, My Toque.

How the Street became his Muse

The documentary The Sartorialist by Tyler Manson (from the Intel Visual Life series) is a wonderful glimpse into how Scott Schuman finds inspiration for his blog everyday.  

He lets himself “fall in love a little bit every day, be seduced a little bit every day”.  After viewing this, I understood exactly what he was talking about.  

I would like to see more now.  I am intrigued. 
Oh and I just love the Barbershop at the beginning, so quaint!


Love is…

A blue horsey necklace.  

My little girl Chloè is obsessed with horses and anything to do with horses.  She loves this necklace to pieces of course.
I think that I may also have a little horsey obsession going on – maybe it’s catching?


Something I Try to Always Remember

Have specific dreams.
Even if you fail, experience is what you get out of chasing them.

Don’t be deterred when obstacles come between you and your goals.
“The brick walls are there to stop the people who don’t want it badly enough.  They let us prove how badly we want things.”

Never lose your childhood sense of wonder.
Being earnest is better than being hip which is trying to impress with the surface.

Don’t complain.
Just work harder.
Anytime we spend whining is unlikely to help us achieve our goals.

Don’t obsess over what people think.
Take time out: it’s not a real holiday if you’re reading emails or calling in for messages.

Time is all you have and you may find one day that you have less than you think.

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