The Shape of Things to come…

Louis Vuitton, Spring/Summer 2011 Prèt-a-porter.  Photograph by The Sartorialist.

The Cheongsam is nothing new to us but just look at the gorgeous colours and the print on the fabric.  Colour is what this season is all about!  And with designer’s penchant for mixing prints with stripes (check the collar) as a well established hallmark of the current season, not to mention how well Marc Jacobs blends one era with another, well all I can say is I am in heaven!  If you feel like you need to see more, or you just want to look at something pretty, I urge you to go to to view the full runway show. 

Another shot of Karlie in her Cheongsam, photograph by Yannis Vlamos. 

Because we know that fashion is fleeting, the nipped-in waists and the minimalism we saw last season are now just that – last season.  And look at what we have to look forward to!  

This dress took my breath away – clashing colours and oh so 80s – pity it took so long for the 80s to be stylish, right?

Makes me think more and more that monsieur Marc Jacobs is the new Largerfeld – king of the runway and more importantly, king of design, style and reinvention.


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2 thoughts on “The Shape of Things to come…

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  2. I like, I wish, I heart… Marc Jacobs as my personal dresser. Lovely vibrant post Heidi. Give me colour and give me now. x

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