Gap-Toothed Girls and Why We LOVE Lara Stone

Some of the world’s most famous beauties are blessed with gap-teeth.  Strange beauty has always enamoured – wasn’t it Plato who said something about beauty being in the eye of the beholder?  

Natural beauty is not something that can be categorized.  It is what it is.  Sometimes, what makes someone beautiful is what sets them apart from the everyday.

VOGUE American October 2010

Trends come and go, but trends don’t just refer to items of clothes, accessories or your hair style.  We’ve seen the girl, gold and diamond stuffed tooth caps, and now it seems that having gap-teeth is no longer considered a flaw, it is the look du jour.

The gap or space between two front teeth is known scientifically as Diastema and it happens when there is an unequal relationship between the size of the teeth and the jaw.  It can also happen by way of tongue thrusting which can push the teeth apart.

Karl Largefeld and Paris VOGUE have all claimed Lara Stone their latest muse with VOGUE devoting their February 09 issue to her, with shoots by Inez van Lamsweerde, Peter Lindbergh, Hedi Slimane, Nan Goldin and Steven Klein.

VOGUE Paris February 2009

Lara Stone was told to consider having her teeth fixed (and this by a very prominent magazine editor no less).  But why should she?  It is that which distinguishes her that makes her beautiful.  Popular folklore tells us that Barbra Streisand never considered rhinoplasty so she could be easier to cast, she didn’t wish to be like everyone else.  Cindy Crawford was told to have her mole removed or she would never make it as a model.  Lauren Hutton, the most famous gap-toothed model of all, she was the first model ever to land a million dollar cosmetics campaign and she is still going strong at 65.  

Why do we find it necessary to define a person’s beauty if their beauty is deemed to be unconventional?  Human nature perhaps? There are in fact many, many famous beauties that we know and love who have gap teeth, or some other flaw for which they were at first rejected, ridiculed or told to fix.

Georgia May Jagger in her advertisement for Australian brand Invisible Zinc.

VOGUE Paris May 2010

Lara Stone stands out because she is not your typical runway and editorial model.  She has unusually small feet (size 7) for her 178 cm frame, (most sample sizes are 8 and 9), and she is considerably curvier and bustier than many of her peers.  Lara knows that being a model is to act in the role chosen for her and is content to convey any look or character a photographer puts her in.  If you Google her, take a look at the amazing array of images you can find on Lara, and the incredible versatility she portrays.

 VOGUE Italia March 2010

Australian swimsuit model Jessica Hart says that the gap in her teeth is sometimes deemed to big.  She admits to having considered having her gap surgically removed, but since appearing in the 2009 SPORTS ILLUSTRATED Swimsuit Edition, Hart has given up that idea all together.  “Some people won’t book me because of it and sometimes they close it in post production, but that doesn’t bother me.”

Jessica Hart modeling for Seafolly

Academy Award winning actress Anna Paquin has let her gap stop her.  She has even been called “the most fetching gap-toothed actress in Hollywood”, (source unknown) – nor has it stopped her from winning one of the most coveted TV roles in years, that of psychic waitress Sookie Stackhouse in HBO’s True Blood.

Anna Paquin

I guess you could say that over the years, popular culture has certainly broadened our view of what we think is beautiful. What I find so exciting is that today visionaries like Carine Roitfeld, Anna Dello Russo, Emmanuelle Alt, Tabitha Simmons, Giovanna Battaglia and Bloggers like Scott Schuman (aka The Sartorialist), Garance Dorè, Tommy Ton,(and you can count me among this list too because I am not going to leave myself out here!), we are leading the push to explore both beauty and style that is both diverse and inspirational.  


Just like Paradis

I have always admired Vanessa Paradis for her mix of French chic and bohemian style, but also for her talent in balancing her career and motherhood successfully.

Vanessa in the Chanel Coco Cocoon campaign
Vanessa modeling for Miu Miu in 2008

In her native France, Vanessa is most famous for her singing and acting but in the rest of the world, right now she is famous for being the face of Chanel Rouge Coco and Chanel Coco Cocoon, but mostly for swinging hands with Johnny Depp for over a decade.

Vanessa as the face of Coco in 1992

Vanessa became famous at 14 when she released her first single called “Joe le taxi”.  The video below for L’Incendie is a favourite:

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Vanessa commented on her relationship with Johnny.

“He is a very special guy. He has so many talents. He is a wonderful father and does so many different things so well,” she says.
Among other things, he speaks very good French, although they mostly converse in English, and he also plays a mean guitar, she said.
The family, she says, tries to maintain a low-key existence.
“Our jobs make us do extraordinary things, and we travel and see lots, but the rest of the time we’re quiet,” she says. “We don’t go to many parties or do a lot of red carpet.”
In France, however, Paradis, who was a child star at 14, was known for her wild reputation.
She acknowledges she was “a bit provocative” as a teen, “desperate to be a woman, to look like a woman, though not really to have the life of a woman.”
Vanessa on stage
Though their relationship began in 1998, they actually met four years earlier, when Depp was dating that other famous beauty, Kate Moss. She describes their first meeting as a ‘coup de foudre’, which basically translates as love at first sight.
Both once known for their rebellious behaviour, she denies reining the actor in. “I didn’t tame him – we tamed each other.”

Yes, of course their life together sounds incredibly idyllic, but she does come across as very down-to-earth, very likable.  While some of us might think that Vanessa is the luckiest woman on earth, my guess is that it is Johnny who is the lucky one in this relationship, yes?

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What’s on my mind right now…

I Like…

My new hair cut – it’s just like Carey’s only it’s not Carey’s – it’s mine!

I Wish…

I could find a new pair of khaki cargos to buy for the summer – it is a task proving to be almost impossible – help me please!

I don’t know where she gets them from, but for my money, Jen always has the best cargos.  Always.

I Heart…

Mad Men and it’s gloriously talented and good-looking cast of characters.  I am shamefully addicted and am settling down this evening to begin watching the first episode of season 4 – I can’t wait!

What do you like, wish and heart at the moment?  


The Shape of Things to come…

Louis Vuitton, Spring/Summer 2011 Prèt-a-porter.  Photograph by The Sartorialist.

The Cheongsam is nothing new to us but just look at the gorgeous colours and the print on the fabric.  Colour is what this season is all about!  And with designer’s penchant for mixing prints with stripes (check the collar) as a well established hallmark of the current season, not to mention how well Marc Jacobs blends one era with another, well all I can say is I am in heaven!  If you feel like you need to see more, or you just want to look at something pretty, I urge you to go to to view the full runway show. 

Another shot of Karlie in her Cheongsam, photograph by Yannis Vlamos. 

Because we know that fashion is fleeting, the nipped-in waists and the minimalism we saw last season are now just that – last season.  And look at what we have to look forward to!  

This dress took my breath away – clashing colours and oh so 80s – pity it took so long for the 80s to be stylish, right?

Makes me think more and more that monsieur Marc Jacobs is the new Largerfeld – king of the runway and more importantly, king of design, style and reinvention.


Put a little colour in your day

I guess it’s no surprise that I have been a little slack in my blogging lately… I want to blog, truly I do!  I just have a bit of trouble focusing on working at my computer at the moment.  Frankly I hate the bloody thing.  It’s old, it’s slow and the keyboard is so annoying that I sometimes want to throw it out the window!

Note to reader: I have just wasted 30 minutes rearranging my desk and trying to find a way to make the keyboard cable longer.  30 minutes wasted, alas no resolution was found.  #*@#!!

Deep breath.

So let us turn our thoughts to the latest spring ready-to-wear (also known as Pret-a-porter) collections where colour ruled and simple, clean lines enhanced the boldness of the jewel colours.  

 Jil Sander
Jil Sander

Prada (yay, stripes are still hot!)

 Marc Jacobs
Marc Jacobs

 YSL Rive Gauche


 Sonia Rykiel



 Martin Grant



Did I make it up to you?


Images from from, garancedorè.fr

Valentino Retrospective at the GOMA

‘Valentino, Retrospective: Past/Present/Future’ is a major exhibition exploring the work of the celebrated Italian couturier, Valentino Garavani.

The exhibition encompasses haute couture from Valentino’s first collection in 1959 through to work created by Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli – creative directors for Valentino in 2008.

One hundred gowns have been curated by the renowned Les Arts Dècoratifs, Paris and are on exclusive display in Australia at the Gallery of Modern Art(GoMA) in Brisbane.

I took my five year old daughter Annabel with me, we then met up with a friend to explore the beautiful collection of breath-taking gowns.  It was so exciting to be in the presence of such history you could almost feel the energy of the people who had worn the gowns over the years, (well, I tried to anyway).

In an era of mass production, assembly line manufacturing and highly consumable, disposable fashion, it was incredible wondering at garments that are, beyond anything you’ve seen on the racks at your closest Westfield.  It is so worth the (very reasonable) $20 price of admission for simply being what they are – historical pieces of couture that you simply must see in person if you are passionate about fashion, style and the art-form that is Haute Couture.

Mr Garavani is present too – though not in the flesh. His face beams from screens featuring looping films of his brilliant career atop one of the most controversial, cut-throat and glamorous industries in the world.

His friend and curator-in-chief at Les Arts Décoratifs in Paris, Pamela Golbin, says the spirit of Mr Valentino shone through in the invisible seams, stitching and beauty of his presented creations.
“He had a very special and personal note that he wanted to share with you today,” Ms Golbin says.
“Australia is a fascinating place,” she reads.
“I have been there several times with my fantasy, alas, never with my reality.
“I hope that my clothes will talk to you a bit about me and my work – I’m very proud to have been able to bring this retrospective to the Queensland Art Gallery with the great support and organisation of Les Arts Décoratifs in Paris.
“I hope you like my work, thank you and arrivederci, Valentino Garavani.”
Grand sentiments from the man at the centre of this exhibition eloquently surmise the strength of this retrospective.
As significant as his designs, and the House of Valentino, have been to the world of fashion for the past fifty years, GoMAs latest effort is among its greatest triumphs.
Exclusive to just three destinations in the world, the exhibition comes direct from Paris to Brisbane where it is current until it moves on to Singapore in November.

For his final show in 2008, 30 models walked in Valentino Red gowns to rapturous applause. The formula for Valentino Red, by the way, is this: 100 per cent magenta, 100 per cent yellow and 10 per cent black. Oh, and not forgetting a splash of Italian flair.

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