More about the girl talk…

The weekend was fantastic!  There was oodles of girl talk, copious amounts of Shiraz and Pinot Gris were consumed and yes, hangovers where nursed – but what better company to nurse a hangover in – and what better surroundings?  

The tree house was exceptional – the most comfortable beds ever (if I could have packed it in my suit case I would have), the environment was eco-friendly, birds every where, and on dusk a family of Kookaburras would descend upon the house in expectation of whatever food we decided to give them.  In our case it was bacon.  Such beautiful birds, so friendly and so tame.

This was all happening of course while we were enjoying the outdoor jacuzzi.  The mountain air was incredible – the silence, so welcoming, and the gorgeous private boardwalk so easily helped your mind wander.  It invited dreams of which we all discussed fervently into the night.  

The winding private boardwalk through the bush was lit up at dusk by mushroom lights.  It felt like we were in fairy land!

The playlist I mixed especially for the weekend went down a treat (it has become a thing that I do whenever us girls get together for a special night), the food was amazing – especially Kirsty’s Beef Bourguigon, so succulent and delicious!  And her cupcakes – don’t even ask!

Sadly we didn’t get to the canoeing.In truth, we didn’t get to do anything outside the cabin, save for a quick trip into Montville for phone reception so we could ring our loved-ones.  It was however, perfect.  

Thanks girls, I am so delighted to have been included on what is a traditional birthday weekend away.  I thank the universe that I live close enough to you the first time in forever so that I could spend it with you.   


Thank you Deb for the Kookaburra photo and the picture of the house, hope you don’t mind! xx

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