Beck, Turquoise and the Beach!

Meet Louise:

Where do you live? Brisbane
What do you do?  Mum, wife, domestic goddess and business owner

Do you have a pet? Cat
What is your favourite restaurant?  Malabar Indian in Kings Cross, Sydney… the best ever!
Your favourite cocktail? Anything fruity
Favourite food? Indian!
Coffee or tea? Both… but can’t function without a couple of cups of tea in the morning.
Favourite snack? Roasted Almonds
Your favourite gadget? The garlic twist… an amazing product for crushing garlic.
Summer, Winter, Spring or Autumn? Not fussed… but am a bit partial to Summer… beach, beach, beach!

Which moisturiser do you use? Sukin Day and Night creams.
Your favourite grooming product/item is? Tweezers… I’m pedantic about my eyebrows!
Which cleanser do you sear by? Sukin Daily Facewash.

Lipstick, gloss or lipstain? Lip balm.
Do you wax or shave – if so, which razor do you prefer? Shave… Bic Lady will do.
Favourite hair products? Sukin and The Body Shop’s Coconut Hair Shine.
Favourite perfume? Issey Miyake
Average time to get ready in the morning before leaving the house is? 5-10 minutes.

Tell me about the denim in your wardrobe, what jeans can you simply not live without? I’m still looking for them… hopefully one of the 2 pairs I have waiting for me to alter.
Heels or flats? Sneakers

Favourite bag? The one my Aunty made for my son that I promptly ‘borrowed’ off him!
Do you wear a watch, if so, tell me about it. Have plenty but don’t wear them anymore.  A Citizen, 2 Guess, a Pierre Cardin and my Nana’s Antique Rose Gold one.
Who is your favourite designer? Haven’t a clue… I’m definitely not the right person to answer this question.  It’s one of the reasons I read your blog!
Pants or Skirts? Shorts.
The dominant colour in your wardrobe is? Black
Favourite item in your wardrobe? My Calvin Klein denim skirt.
Who or what inspires you? My family
Necessary extravagance? Perfume

Favourite place in the world? The beach
Favourite colour? Turquoise


Favourite shop? The supermarket
Favourite movie? Journey to the Centre of the Earth / 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
Favourite song? I can’t possibly answer this question… your blog isn’t big enough to hold them all.
Favourite flower? Lavender

Favourite blog/website? Your blog and my website! lol
Who is your secret crush? Beck and obviously any of the strange random men that I sometimes dream about! So odd.

Aside from the fabulous person you are now, if you could be anyone, do anything, what would that be? Do anything: Be successful and for my brand to be internationally recognised. 

Thanks Louise!  Please make sure you visit Louise’s website, Woolgrub Australia – quality Australian made products for Bubs and Kids in 100% Certified Organic Cotton and 100% Pure Australian Wool.


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