Movida, Mojitos and Jo Malone…

Hooray!  We have our first response here to my Q & A post about getting to know you.

Meet Kirsty…

Where do you live?

What do you do? Domestic Engineer
Do you have a pet? two lovely doggies
What is your favourite restaurant? Hard to narrow down but Movida in Melbourne is up there

Your favourite cocktail? Mojitos

Favourite food? Oh the hardest question ever. Chocolate, haloumi, fried rice, strawberries, curries, toast and vegemite, sweet potato soup, mashed potato and gravy, mango, macadamia nuts…could go on forever. Food in general?

Coffee or tea? tea
Favourite snack? salted pistachios
Your favourite gadget? laptop
Summer, Winter, Spring or Autumn? summer, summer, summer!!!

Which moisturiser do you use? rosehip oil and ProX
Your favourite grooming product/item is? my razor
Which cleanser do you swear by? SIMPLE age resisting cleanser
Lipstick, gloss or lipstain? paw paw ointment
Do you wax or shave – if so, which razor do you prefer? Gillette Venus
Favourite hair products? Dry Shampoo
Favourite perfume?
Anything by Jo Malone 

Average time to get ready in the morning before leaving the house is? Er 10 minutes (approx 8 of that is deciding what to wear)Tell me about the denim in your wardrobe, what jeans can you simply not live without? This season it’s been my Sportsgirl boyfriend jeans with elasticed hems.
Heels or flats? Flats
Favourite bag? My Lucky Brand patchwork bag
Do you wear a watch, if so, tell me about it. No
Who is your favourite designer? Don’t wear much designer obviously but have some Sass and Bide. Find their stuff edgy but very wearable. Camilla and Marc, Prada, Chanel.

Camilla and Marc Cadero gold blazer with the sculpted shoulder detail.

Pants or skirts? Skirts in summer, pants in winter
The dominant colour in your wardrobe is? khaki’s quite prevalent
Favourite item in your wardrobe?
my sass and bide silk cargo pants

Who or what inspires you?
my girls
Necessary extravagance? magazines and getting my eyebrows ‘done’
Favourite place in the world?
Rome, Italy (and my bedroom)

Favourite colour? changes – at the moment purple…again
Favourite shop? T2 and Kikki K
Favourite movie? Impossible to answer, there’s just too many
Favourite song? Again too many, but been listening to Fleetwood Mac recently and geez they wrote some nice melodies
Favourite flower?

Favourite blog/website? Why i like, i wish, i heart of course!

Who is your secret crush?
Alex Skarsgard from True Blood – not really a secret

Aside from the fabulous person you are now, if you could be anyone, do anything, what would that be? I just want to be me but more motivated and maybe more money savvy. Oh and a few cup sizes bigger

This was so much fun, and If I’m totally honest with you, Kirsty is my BFF, so it wasn’t so hard to get a response to my questions after all!  

Ciao for now,


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