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Stuck with ideas that I didn’t feel like writing about today, instead I went through my library of images to find inspiration.  I noticed a pattern of images I have been collecting and decided that that was what I should blog about today.  I have also thrown in a few random images of stuff that is occupying my mind as well lately. 


Garance Dorè with her Louise Vuitton and her Canon 5D.  Prints and checks working together with her animal print belt.  Now if only we could see her shoes?

 I think that this tattoo is so inventive, so original.  I can see it in many places, not just on a wrist.  Can’t you?

The detail in this Dries Van Noten gown is mouth-watering and the colours, incredible. With her tiny piece of flame-red hair falling down between her shoulder-blades, well, this just gives this photograph a personal touch.  I love it! 

While the Prada ‘Chandelier’ heels are incredible and most likely a tad noisy when one is walking, the rainbow nails are a cute addition.  Thank you Jane (Sea of Shoes).

The juxtaposition of the red clutch and the khaki army jacket is dynamite, yes?
Two Parisienne ladies on their way to work or to a show (either way) and they are dressed casually but oh-so-fine.  I love the flats and the lace-up heels.  How does she get around with her jacket draped over her shoulders like that?  Obviously she doesn’t have far to go to get to her destination? 

I’m loving these Acne heels, but it’s the gold nail polish that is really grabbing my attention, wow!  Where can I get some?  

I just want to say thank you and welcome to all my new followers!  Please feel free to leave me a comment!

Ciao for now,


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