Vogue + Ewan McGregor = Swoon!

I came across the July American VOGUE today (with the gorgeous Marion Cottillard on the cover) and while casually flicking through it I came upon a very luxe and beautifully shot editorial.

Photographed by the masterful Peter Lindbergh featuring Natalia Vodianova modeling the best of the Fall/Winder 2010 collection and styled by none other than Grace Coddington.   

What I love most about this splendid pictorial is Ewan McGregor. I have always had a crush on Ewan and seeing him looking so well-dressed in the pages of VOGUE, well, how fantastic is he?  I’m pleased as punch!

The story is a play on a 50s marriage gone wrong, (or is it 60s?  Because with her hair very much styled in 60s fashion, the story seems much more a 60s marriage gone wrong).  It reminds me a little of the famous W shoot by Steven Klein “Domestic Bliss” with Brad and Angelina.  

Anyway, I digress… As much as I believe in Ewan’s character in these shots, I’m not so convinced about Natalia.  Sure she looks amazing in the couture, but she doesn’t carry the role of 50s housewife and adulterer.  She looks too European really and even though she’s the mother of 3 children in real life, she still looks too doll-faced for me to appear anything other than Lolita-esque (sorry Natalia).  I think perhaps a better choice for this may have been Jessica Stam, Raquel Zimmerman, or Angela Lindvall.

Peter Lindbergh’s photographs convey a lot of emotion, and it is divine to see him back shooting for VOGUE for the first time in (I think) fourteen years.  I’m not sure why Ewan was selected for this editorial, perhaps it has something to do with an upcoming movie promotion, but no matter the reason, it sure is nice to see him in a Dior Homme 3-piece suit nonetheless. 

Oh and the couture wasn’t half-bad either.


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