This is what I love about Winter!

There is a nice group of winter trends/styles happening now, and it’s only the first month of winter down here in the South.  But, after keeping a close eye on what happened in the fashion scene in the North over their winter, I have collected a number of interesting pictures to help you with your winter wardrobe.

Tailored jacket paired with rolled jeans and sandals worn with tights.

Military style coat worn with a gorgeous wool hat in stunning teal. 

Shearling lined boots and cargos.

Tweed began to show itself nearing the end of the season, and of course, the ubiquitous boot, well one simply cannot go through winter without them.

Relaxed pants (aka the tracky-dack in Oz), stripes and a Trench.   

 One does want a hint of colour.

Love the fedora, love the whole outfit.

Hats, beanies, scarves and gloves are the essential winter items that when teamed with just about anything can bring an outfit to life.

Coloured tights and woolen skirts, yes! 

I love this look, especially the gorgeous tights!  Her belt is killer, and so are the acid green heels! 

Grey is so one of my favourites to wear year ’round, and it’s everywhere right now, so team it with some colour and some gorgeous stripes!

I love these boots, do you think my toes would feel the cold too much?   

 Faux fur, plaid jacket and khaki.  I love her urban lumberjack look.
Rolled denim cuffs – how else are you going to show off those gorgeous heels?

Trench coats, double-breasted, capes, cashmere, and vintage – coats are always on the winter radar.

I’m loving this cape on The Cherry Blossom Girl.
 Belted coat, tights and socks worn with chunky sandals.
 The camel coat with boots and hat – a favourite look for me (reminds me a little of Annie Hall)
 I love this A-line trench, and the colour is so pretty with the burgundy beanie.
Roll up your sleeves and leave your coat open (weather permitting) for relaxed winter chic.

 Relaxed winter chic worn with tweed blazer and men’s trousers, and there’s that gorgeous  teal colour, this time in a scarf.
 Military scarf, skinny jeans and beanie.  She looks like a beatnik crossed with a merchant marine, I love it!
 Parisienne chic (check the lining of the trench, c’est magnifique!)

Slouch pants with a wide leg, extra long scarf all in grey and black.  I like, I wish, I heart!

I’m off to town now to fill in the gaps in my winter wardrobe, wanna join me?


Sources: garancedorè.com, thesartorialist, jakandjil.

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  1. This selection of great styles is making me quite anxious for cooler weather. Great pickin' Heidi.

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