Marion Cotillard: Stylish Girl

She dresses up when she’s working and when she’s hitting the red carpet, but when Marion Cotillard is off camera and doing things on her own time, she likes to wear her favourites.  Denim, knits, tweed and scarves and her favourite hats.  

The first time I saw Marion Cotillard was in Ridley Scott’s A Good Year (2006) along side Russell Crowe.  I loved the film of course (what’s not to love? Set in Provence and starring a trim and very funny Russell Crowe, need I say more?) Marion played Fanny Chanel a great name for a gorgeous and sassy character.

Later I saw her as Edith Piaf in La Vie en Rose (2007) for which she won many awards, an Oscar being one of them.  Her performance was uncanny, I hardly recognised her as the Little Sparrow.

Since then I have seen her in Public Enemies (2009) and of course Nine (2010) – in which I do believe she stole the show.

 Marion in Jean-Paul Gaultier at the Oscars
Marion in fuschia Dior.

She is also the face of the Lady Dior handbag, not a bad gig if you can get it!

I love that she doesn’t have a problem with wearing her favourite things over and over. I do that too, but it’s mostly because I don’t have anything else to choose from.  For Marion, my guess is that she just loves to wear what she loves to wear.  Whether it is her multi-coloured Ray-Ban’s or her favourite hat.

Love these sunglasses!

I loved the jumpsuit she wore at the Cannes Film Festival too, it was daring and different and she looked gorgeous in it.

She’s naturally pretty; she doesn’t need all that make up – but hey… show me a French actress that does need all that?  It must be something in the water over there.


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2 thoughts on “Marion Cotillard: Stylish Girl

  1. Oh Heids! I love love love her! Shes the biggest babe who ever lived! If i was gayer and she was gayer, we'd get married.

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