Liz Goldwyn: Stylish Girl

I first came across Liz Goldwyn in the mid-90s through an article in VOGUE.  I was intrigued for a few reasons, first because she is the grand-daughter of Samuel Goldwyn, an original Hollywood Producer whom co-founded many of the Hollywood studios, most notably MGM.  Liz is also sister to actor/director Tony Goldwyn, known mostly for his role as Carl Bruner in Ghost (1990) and I was also fascinated to learn that Liz has a vast collection of vintage couture, hence her appearance in VOGUE.  

I’m loving her hair here, the headband is so beautiful, it works well with her belt.

Liz Goldwyn has worked in fashion, art, and photography since the age of sixteen. She has produced major fashion shows and art installations, helped establish the fashion department at Sotheby’s New York, and was a global consultant for Shiseido America. She writes feature articles for national magazines, and designs her own collection of jewelry. Her documentary film on burlesque queens, Pretty Things, premiered in July 2005 on HBO.  Currently she is working on a number of projects which include various art installations, and designing her latest jewellery collection for her eponymous label. 

I love this gold glittery dress, she reminds me of an Academy Award.

While still attending college Liz was hired as a consultant and curator for Sotheby’s fashion department. Liz produced the photographing and cataloging of the clothing for several renowned auctions including the Marlene Dietrich Estate auction and mounted the costume exhibition for the Duke & Duchess of Windsor sale. Later as an Associate of Sotheby’s she conceptualized and produced several exhibitions in Los Angeles including: a costume exhibition with Chanel in September 1999, and an installation of video art by Mariko Mori in conjunction with Deitch Projects, which was sponsored by Costume National.

 Liz with her friend Chloe Sevigny.
Rocking the polka dot trend. 

Following her time at Sotheby’s she worked as a global consultant for the cosmetics company Shiseido, where she founded and directed a fashion sponsorship and arts installation program for the company. 

While at Shiseido, Liz started writing a monthly two-page column, titled “Liz Goldwyn: EYE,” for the Japanese magazine, HANATSUBAKI, which she has recently renewed. Her column has appeared in the magazine between 2000-2010.

Liz was named New York Editor of French VOGUE, for 2001-2002 where she contributed essays and articles to the magazine. In October 2008, Rizzoli published an essay by Liz on designer Sonia Rykiel as part of a book on her life. Liz’s freelance writing continues to appear in publications and blogs including The New York Times Magazine, The Financial Times, C Magazine, The Huffington Post and The Daily Beast.

Liz’s first film, Pretty Things, a documentary that encompasses 9 years of research and first person interviews showcasing 20th century burlesque queens premiered on HBO in 2005 and the CBC in 2006. It is currently shown in museums and universities worldwide. 

Following the documentary, Liz’s first book, Pretty Things: the Last Generation of American Burlesque Queens, was published worldwide by Harper Collins in 2006.

I think that Liz dresses with original flair.  She loves to wear colour and prints, which she wears well.  I think that she is daring and creative and is a risk-taker, both with her style and her art.

Liz lives in Los Angeles and continues her work with writing, film and jewellery design.


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