Fall Is Called Autumn Where I Live

The Burberry Trench, classic denim and white button down shirt (photo by The Sartorialist)

A new season is upon us!
Although with the weather here lately, I think that mother nature has maybe forgotten that little detail because it has been raining for over 24 hours straight, and it is still hot and muggy (balmy you might say).  

Even so, I am not complaining because today I got to wear my first pair of jeans in 5 months! It’s just been too darn hot here to even look at a pair of jeans, so today was a real treat.

I am excited about the coming months of cooler weather.  I am not going to have to bring out the big heavy winter coats (a plus actually), but I will get to wear my scarves and hats, which I adore!

Layering was huge in the Northern Hemisphere this past winter, so I cannot wait to experiment with one of my favourite ways to dress over the coming months.

Photo by Garance Dorè

And so with this little post, I just wish to whet your appetite because as it is only the second official day of Autumn, there are 3 months of the best season of the year still to come!


Sources: With thanks to The Sartorialist and Garance Dorè

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