Our Mountains Cottage (and its 15 Minutes of Fame)

I have written in the past of our home in the Blue Mountains, telling you tales of its renovation and the hard slog we put into the vast cottage garden.

Well the the exciting news is that all of our hard work has paid off!

Our home and our beautiful friends Zoe and Chi (and current tenants of the house) have been written about and photographed in Australian Country Home Ideas magazine (Vol 9 No 2).

The story and styling is by Zoe’s gorgeous and most gracious friend Emily Rickard, and we cannot thank her enough as it is most fortuitous as we are currently in the process of putting our beloved home on the market.  It is something that breaks my heart to have to do, but life is such that we have no choice.

I am so proud of our mountains cottage that I just had to share with you my fellow readers the gorgeous pictorial that features in the magazine.  

The facade of our beautiful mountains cottage. 

A shot of the kitchen shelves with all Zoe’s kitchen paraphernalia. 

Florist Zoe Ivory-Phan and her hubby, award winning sculptor Chi Ivory-Phan taking tea.  The story features about their life in the mountains. 


One of the guest bedrooms and a lovely shot of Zoe, Chi and their beautiful dog Mana on the front steps. 

 The master bedroom.

The storybook studio in the back garden.

Wish us luck that someone out there finds our 104 year-old historical beauty just as wonderful as we do so that it may be enjoyed by a new family very soon… fingers crossed!


Source: Australian Country Home Ideas Magazine.

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3 thoughts on “Our Mountains Cottage (and its 15 Minutes of Fame)

  1. Oh what a lovely cottage! Congratulations for all your effort and work, the home trully looks adorable! It's a shame you have to sell it, but I'm sure anyone in their right mind would love to live there and would appreciate it's features and all the work you have done so far!

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