I Went Shopping Today

I had an existential crisis this morning.  I realised (finally) that my wardrobe was not geared toward living the life of a coastal lady.  My wardrobe was all about cooler climes – jeans, boots, sweaters, polo-necks, tights, leggings and scarves.  I have left that life behind now.  Any clothes that I had were worn out and not in keeping with coastal lifestyle.

The hardest part was trying to figure out what my style was in this climate.  I didn’t really know where to start, so I decided to treat myself like a styling client.  I asked myself the questions I ask clients, and then I went through my wardrobe with no holds barred.  Then I thought about what I like, what suits me and what draws me in when I am out there amongst the stores.  It helped a great deal because in amongst it all, I realised that what I needed was to unearth my old-faithful denim jacket!  I tend to archive quite a lot of my  wardrobe (because I try not to get rid of any of it) and I ended up with a short list of new items that I needed to add to my new wardrobe.

And so, off we went to the local shopping mecca, which on the coast is limited, but with an eye like mine, it’s not to hard to find what I need.  I had an arm-full of many items and then tried them all on.  It was easy to edit out what I didn’t need, and so I came away with a half-dozen new items.  Most of them tops, one dress and two pairs of pants.  I am satisfied that I have added to my wardrobe sufficiently until Autumn dawns in less than a month – eek!

I spend so much of my time looking at what’s out there that I had forgotten to keep an eye on my own wardrobe.  I knew that it was getting tough, it was getting harder and harder to find looks that I wanted to wear.  There were fewer and fewer things to choose from.  Some clothes where falling apart, some were out of date, some where just plain over.

It feels good to have some gorgeous new clothes to supplement my wardrobe.  Everything that I chose to buy fits within my current wardrobe so that I can mix and match with it all.  Most important, nèst-ce pas?

I thought I might share some of my influences with you, just because it’s fun to do so.

Stripes are everywhere this season, as I’ve told you before.  I am addicted and loving designer’s play on this classic. 

Khaki, khaki, khaki.  I’ve always loved it. The hard part is finding the right shade.  It has to be the right shade for me or there’s no point.

I loved Anne Heche’s wardrobe in Six Days Seven Nights (1998).  It suited her character perfectly, it was stylish, in-keeping with her fashion editor character, and as she was in the tropics, it was perfectly suited to the location.

Denim is going to be huge this spring and summer.  Shirts, jackets, jeans, pants, you name it.  Dig up your old jacket, you know there was a reason why you didn’t ditch it!

It’s always fun shopping for a new look.  This one took me by surprise, because I just hadn’t counted on needing to look for a warmer weather wardrobe for some time.  C’èst la vie!


Sources: style.com, garancedore.com, thesartorialist.blogspot.com.

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One thought on “I Went Shopping Today

  1. Hello there H! Finally got around to reading your blog today. I haven't read it all, but I'll get there. Points of note:

    1) I love your passion for fashion. I have days when I feel like being trendy and others when I just hip out in my fishermen's pants. I hope you never catch me out on a trackies day!

    2) I absolutely LOVE your house in the mountains and the divine garden. Where was that exactly?

    3) You have inspired me to start blogging again. Thank you!

    N xxxxxxx

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