Look Book Part Deux

I know it has been a week since my last blog, but it is all because it has been way too hot and humid to sit at my computer.  Plus I have been sewing like a woman possessed too, and exploring Brisbane with my friend and basically just lying about as it is too hot to do anything!

So here are some more looks from the street to keep you inspired!

Gorgeous eyes, gorgeous hair…

Loving this belt action, belts just change an otherwise ordinary outfit so easily.  I have developed a bit of a fascination with belts and now I find myself spending too much time in front of the mirror deciding on which belt to wear!

Black and a Birkin, what more could a girl need?  Great hair.

Bling pants take any outfit up a notch.

Blazer, denim and brogues.  Our next Autumn/Winter uniform ladies.

Short trench rocks this look.

Blazer, Jacket, call it what you like, yes?  Those animal print loafers are fab too.

Gorgeous looks that people in the street rock so effortlessly this northern hemisphere season.

Jen is so naturally stylish – leather jacket, trilby, striped shirt and distressed denim… perfection!

Simple, elegant, gorgeous leather skirt too!  Notice the spotted hosiery?

I have noticed recently that I have quite a lot of grey in my wardrobe.  I is such a fantastic shade because you can add colour to add a subtle highlight which compliments so easily.

I just love these shoes of Anna Dello Russo’s, they look between a cross between a gladiator sandal, and a ballerina slipper.
This mother and daughter compliment each other so well.

Rachel McAdams doesn’t have a clue as to how cute she looks here.  I think she is just one of the best young actresses.  She’s going to be huge.

Those are some long boots!

Parisienne chic.  The print on her dress looks like a starry night.  Her ballet slippers are to die for!
Leather and stripes!
Navy perfection.  

We are having a great time here in Brisbane but oh the humidity, it’s a killer!  The girls keep asking if it is going to snow before Santa comes which is hilarious.  It’s hard for them to understand because they watch Christmas movies that are set in the northern hemisphere where it generally snows at Christmas time.  Here in Australia, well we spend our Christmas day at the beach eating seafood and ice cream! 


Sources: Garance Dorè, The Sartorialist, Vanessa Jackman, JakandJil, People, Stockholm Streetstyle.

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4 thoughts on “Look Book Part Deux

  1. I think I used to ask the same question to my mom. Christmas here in Brazil is pretty much like yours… there's an ever constant battle to decide what should be plugged in, fairy lights or fans… the fans always win 🙂
    Pretty looks! I wish I dressed nicely like those women…

    ps: Is the heade-image of your blog of Carrie's closet, from Sex and the City?

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