I Dream of the Perfect Boudoir

I can’t seem to fully wake up today.  You know those days when you wish you could just laze around in bed for as long as you wanted?  

Alas those days are gone for me, having children fixed that pretty quickly.  

I just want to laze around in bed, reading, writing and snoozing. 

This is a very clever use of printing on fabric.  Almost like a tromp l’oeil yes?

If ever I do get to spend some time in bed, (usually when I am unwell), I tend to start pointing out to myself all the things that are wrong with it. 

 Like the fact that I would love a king-size bed, the constant lack of storage, the  dilapidated lighting fixtures and the piles of stuff lying on any available space.

I have always liked painted floorboards, but with a black labrador that sheds like nobody’s business, this would be a nightmare.  I also like the very simple platform here for the mattress.  

Every room in our house has been finished just how I want it, all except for the master bedroom.  Instead it has become a dumping ground for paperwork, clothes and just stuff we don’t know what to do with.  I’m quite sad about it.

This reminds me of a hotel we stayed at in Florence.  Quirky decoration but functional with a lovely use of colour.  We even had a view of il Duomo and it was only 75 euro a night!  

I know this is a single bed, but I am loving the warm sunny yellow doonah, it is just so inviting!

Simple, minimalist, easy to maintain and yet comforting.  

This is the ultimate bedroom I think.  Having doors that open up to the outside is just perfection for me.  The hint of the tropical surroundings makes me feel like I am waking up in a resort on some hidden island (I wish!).

This doonah is gorgeous.  If only I could dress my bed in something like this. Keeping the dog off the bed would then become a full-time occupation though – and not a very successful one either.

I want to buy a new bed, and turn our bedroom into a sanctuary for two long-married lovers and a haven for exhausted parents. A place that we can retreat to when we don’t wish to be disturbed. But how to do this on a budget is the big question. I have been collecting images to help keep me inspired. I think that I may have a little anxiety about it which could explain why our room is still unfinished…

One day I guess?

Ciao for now,


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6 thoughts on “I Dream of the Perfect Boudoir

  1. Lovely pictures… you know, bedrooms always seem to be left at the botton of everyone's list… I believe it's because guests don't usually see the bedrooms and also because people spend less and less time at that part of the house, most of us just use it to sleep and never even bother to fix it up.
    However, it is my personal opinion that bedrooms are extremely important. I think everyone should go to sleep surrounded by a comfortable, beautiful atmosphere and then to wake up and be greated by it, in order to start the day in a very positive note. I'll make sure to post as many bedroom pictures I find in my blog, maybe they can inspire you even more!
    Good luck with it!

  2. Oh I love this!! The one with the open doors, and the yellow one, favorites! It's so interesting that the bedroom often becomes the one room that's least payed attention too, when it's so stressful to sleep amongst clutter.. Maybe you can get one of those home make-over tv-shows to grab your bedroom? I always fantasize about that, but then get scared that they would do something horrible to it:)

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