Bags: A Mere Bagatelle?

Hermès Birkin bag, in red.

I probably have put this post off for so many reasons.  I think the main reason being is that as much as I love a good handbag, it’s just not something I have a real passion for because in truth, I wish that I could buy any bag I wanted, whenever I wanted and without question or concern of finance.  But for most of us, this dream will always be just that – a dream, yes?  

bag unknown but photograph from

I remember spending many lunch breaks in the handbag section of David Jones.  I would amble from the wallets to the clutches, to the handbags, and then I would spend the rest of my time at the designer section, looking for any markdowns.  And while markdowns did occasionally pop up, alas they were very rarely attached to any bags I liked, and so I would leave empty handed, clutching my Joan Weisz black kid leather bag (which I had bought with my first pay cheque).

bag by Chloè, photo by Tommy Ton.

A lot of people are huge fans of Louis Vuitton and I am afraid to say that I am not one of them.  While I admit that I like some of their designs, their label has become so copied that if I see another track-suit-wearing-diet-coke-slugging-loser carrying one around I shall go mad!  These knock-offs have truly de-valued the label’s bags for me.  I’ve never been one to be into “It bags” – you know, those popular-beyond-belief bags that seem to make ordinary women spend ridiculous amounts of money on – whether they can afford it or not.  Designers are making a fortune from these bags and as a result, so are those manufacturing knock-offs.  

bag by Louis Vuitton – this one I like!

If money were no object, I think that I would like to own an Hermès Birkin, in black.  Pretty simple colour I know, but when you’re looking at US$5000 starting price for a bag, you probably want to buy one in a colour and size that is most useful, wouldn’t you say?  The price of these bags can reach up to 6-digits because they of how they are finished – exotic animal skins, etc and the waiting list is over two years for a Birkin but if you were just the average person on the street, I think that you would have to wait a smidgen longer.  If you want to know why these bags cost so much, well it is most likely due to their being hand-made by experienced craftsmen, with each bag taking from 48 hours to weeks to finish.

Katie Holmes and her Hermès Birkin bag – the oversized version.  Beautiful, even if it is just a tad excessive.

I guess you could call Hermès the manufactures of haute couture handbags to the world, and while I think that in some ways, the Birkin has become like the bags of Louis Vuitton, in that they have prostituted themselves to celebrities and lost their true uniqueness because any try-hard celebrity can obtain one, I still think that they are the best and the most beautiful.

le dix motorcycle bag by Balenciaga
The next on my wish list would be the one above – a Balenciaga Le Dix Motorcycle bag – again in black.  The beauty of this bag is it starts at only around US$2500 and comes in a myriad of gorgeous bright colours and leather finishes too.  Kate Moss, Sienna and Nicole Richie are huge fans apparently (lucky girls).
clutch by Alexander McQueen, photo by Garance Dorè
For an evening clutch, I would call upon Prada (of which I do own one – thank you hubby) or Alexander McQueen.  They just have the right stuff I think.  I like my clutch to be edgy and to standout because I see it as a crucial part of my whole outfit. Just like a piece of jewellery is because it can totally make or break your ensemble.
bag by Chanel, photo by Vanessa Jackman
For the all-time classic of classics, there is no going past the Chanel 2.55 – it is quilted and the chain is the same chain that goes in the lining along the  bottom of the famous jackets – (the weight keeps it sitting properly).
Mid Priscilla by Corto Moltedo
Garance Dorè and her Sophia Coppola for Louis Vuitton bag

bag by Chanel
Angelina and her Fendi
In the end, we all make do with what we love to carry around with us on a daily basis, don’t we?  Our bag becomes a symbol of ourselves, a utility bag carrying all that makes up who we are in case we are stranded, pulled-over by the cops, stuck in a lift, or just going to and from work or school.  I couldn’t do without it, as much as I’ve tried, I am very attached to my handbag, whichever one I choose to drag out of the back of my wardrobe – I know that they represent a part of me and I love it.
Ciao for now,

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  1. aww very great post!! :]

    I will always be lusting over a chanel. And a prada? lucky lucky girl! Those Alexander McQueen clutches that are out are genius. Here's to our purses! :] May we always carry style and personality in the palm of our hand or on our shoulders that bear the burdens of life.


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