She’s so lovely

I came across these pictures of Grace Kelly taken in Jamaica in 1955 by Howell Conant.  He was such a favourite that he later became the Grimaldi’s favourite photographer.  

She was stunning, wasn’t she?  Beyond beautiful, she was so darn photogenic and charismatic too.  

Her persona on-screen was always beguiling and her voice… it was so sexy.  I always thought that she sounded ever-so-slightly tipsy.  I don’t know why I think that, I just do.

She was so lovely to watch on screen I was always disappointed that she made so few movies.  

Mogambo – featuring two of the most beloved and beautiful women ever to grace the screen, Grace and Ava Gardner, of course the always incredible Clark Gable was in it too).

High Society (all-time favourite, especially because of the songs and her wardrobe.)

Rear Window (amazing wardrobe and don’t you just love Jimmy Stewart?)

To Catch a Thief (the ultimate Hitchcock film – Grace and Carey Grant, need I say more?)

She was blessed with a gorgeous figure and her clothes always looked perfect on her.  But then, she probably had all of her clothes made for her, especially after she became Princess Grace.

These pictures could have been taken today instead of in the 50s.  They are beautifully shot, the setting is glorious and the subject – unforgettable.

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Sources: Lolita, The English Muse, Google.
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