Colour Therapy

Orange says (- it even shouts) bold to me.  Once worn, it is never forgotten and will always be a secret favourite of mine.  Although I try not to play favourites, I am naturally drawn to the colour green.  I cannot deny its appeal.  My daughter Chloè is always asking me, “What’s your favourite colour today Mummy?” and my reply is always the same – “Green”.

Elizabeth Taylor is stunning in this emerald gown.  It offsets her violet coloured eyes perfectly.
Italian Vogue’s Carla Sozzani’s green skirt inspired me to buy a green skirt of my own in exactly the same shade.  I wear it to death.

I love Liza’s  green nail polish.  I bought some just the other day and painted my toenails with it for a Halloween party.  One week later and my toenails are still painted green and I love it!  The ironic thing is that I had been wearing Revlon’s Tropicana – a very orangey-red polish on my toenails.  I guess my passion for orange and green is deeper in my psyche than I thought!

The Blue-footed Booby (I am telling the truth here, that is what they are called!) from Galapagos have the chicest feet in the bird-world I think.  I wonder if there is a green-footed Booby?

Bright azure blue with stripes screams Française to me.

But the truth is that I can be drawn to many colours, orange is one, red, another.  Today I decided to buy a pair of Haviana’s – my first actually.  I could not decide which colour to get.  I must have tried on over 10 different pairs.  In the end I narrowed it down to pink or brown and I had my hubby choose for me because I just couldn’t decide – a rarity for me.  So I came home with the pink.  I am not a  person that wears pink usually, but they just looked good and there you have it.  

I love the colour in Sofia Coppola’s film Marie Antoinette, it is so gorgeous.
Peonies are so pretty, they have so many variations of colour.

Pink is girly, it’s frivolity, it’s a truly happy colour.  I love this pink Christmas tree, don’t you?

Dries Van Noten, the master of colour use in his collections always inspires.  

I have been on the lookout for a yellow clutch every since I saw this one on the Bottega Veneta runway.

The white background in this kitchen is given a vibrant injection of colour the kitchen furnishings and wall hanging.  This is just gorgeous, I can see myself at the kitchen table, blogging away on my laptop!

Little accents of colour. 

A field of mauve,..

Jackie Onassis never shied away from bold colours, they suited her personality well.

Moschino Spring/Summer 2010, lots of summer fruits and berries – delish!

I have been busy working on my fledgling business and so my creative juices and my days have been taken up with working on that, so I am afraid that my blogging has been a tad slack this past week.  I have so many ideas that I don’t want to lose, I hope I can get them all down this month!  I have also been busy getting Chloè started at her new school, which aside from the terrible separation anxiety she seems to be suffering, she is however loving it there and runs up the path every morning in excitement and anticipation.  She is making friends and loves her teacher too.  I have a plan for tomorrow morning, I hope it helps her… I’ve never really had to worry about this sort of thing before with her… I guess you can’t blame her with all the moving and changes in her life this year.  She’s just being herself.  Wish me luck.

Ciao for now,


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