The Street: Stylish Strangers

I can’t help it, I am in love with fashion on the street.  It is my own personal runway.  I have always been intrigued by what others are wearing, how they wear it and how they put their own spin on things.  It’s how I learnt to dress over the years.  I used to love catching the bus to work into Sydney town so that I could watch the people on the street and those hopping on and off the bus.  

I love how she has mixed her primary colours with the stripes.  The jodhpur-style pants and the wicked heels – yummy!  Oh and her hair, how gorgeous is it?

I have put here some recent collections of looks and ensembles that have captured my eye.  I always learn something new from these stylish strangers.

The Cherry Blossom Girl

I am feeling her use of a belt here – belts transform a look so easily.  Those red pumps are gorgeous too, don’t you think?
The gladiator sandals says this is more casual than dressed up, but on the whole, the look is still classy, n’est-ce pas?

Cute sweater and jeans.  The string of pearls and the red lips zjusz it nicely I think.

I’ve been going through an oversized ring phase for about a year now.  The bigger, the bolder, the better!

Simple colour therapy.

I want her cardie.  I wonder how long it would take to knit myself one like this?

Lingerie on worn on the outside is always hot.  So are her killer heels worn with!

Doesn’t she just ooze coolness?  Here we have an example of something that I have been noticing a lot of recently – no handbag.  She carries everything she needs in her hands.  I wish I could do this.  I know at some point I did.  What happened?  Why do I feel the need to carry half my life around with me whenever I leave the house?    

Gingham, checks, prints and plaid.

How great is this leather jacket?  Another bag-free woman.  Yes!

It’s all in the details – pockets have become what I have always known them to be – essential!  To be able to buy a dress or skirt that has pockets you can put hour hands into – oh the joy!  

Modern Mod.  Lovely legs!

The shoes! The shoes! The shoes!

Her hat and her shoes just makes this for me.  

Plaid is everywhere right now.  Plaid is going to be huge again by the looks of things…  Look at this bag… I cannot have it both ways, can I? I have to accept that I require a bag to live my life properly – that is to co-exist with a fabulous selection of handbags, because whenever I choose to leave the house sans bag, I inevitably end up losing my keys, phone, wallet or sunglasses because I keep putting them down and forgetting about them!

Loving the purple hosiery Leigh! I still think she has the best ‘do’ around right now.

Maria-Carla – oh those Valentino heels with distressed denim and simple white tee – and those red, red lips!

Elegantly put.  Great shoes!  Working those harems!

All black.  Stunning.  Love her belt and her Hèrmes watch.

Love the bag, love the shoes, love the coat – love the whole outfit.

Tailored cargos, j’adore!!

J’adore her use of shoes and accessories to inject colour to her look.  So simple.

We are riding a wave right now.  We are privy to the daily style of some of fashion’s biggest names and influencers and all because of some clever shutterbugs.  But are street fashion photographers like Garance Dorè, The Sartorialist, Vanessa Jackman and JakandJil’s Tommy Ton become a little like an acceptable incarnation of paparazzi?  All the shots we see of the fashion elite turning up to shows and walking the Champs to their office or to a meeting – and all the while being stalked and photographed for their designer ensemble – is dare I say it – not much different to the celebrity-chasing paparazzi?  How long before these style-spotters become someone to avoid? (Just putting it out there is all.)

Street Style en masse.  

The juxtaposition between her hair colour, her jacket and her heels.  Daring.  Something to be noticed!  I love her polka-dot skirt too, so cute!

I buy magazines on the regular, but the truth is that you can find anything you need for wardrobe inspiration just on your local street.  You just have to look between the lines and its there.  Don’t be afraid to try something outside your comfort zone.  

I don’t know what you think, but this girl’s use of colour is unabashedly bold and looks amazing!  It’s not easy to mix too such strong colours, but she looks amazing!

Lovely Yasmin Sewell, she just knows how to look fab without any trouble whatsoever, am I right?

Giovanna is another of those ladies with a innate sense of their own style and what suits them best.  Love her!

I hope that you find some inspiration amongst these girls… they are incredibly stylish and would be very hard to miss should you be strolling in Milano, Paris or New York.  But you don’t have to be in some far-flung city to spot a stylish stranger.  All you have to do is open your eyes as you walk along your local streets.  Something inspirational is not far away.  I promise you.

Ciao for now,


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