She Wears Short Shorts

Moving back to the sunny side of the world has been a bonus for so many reasons.  One of which is I now get to wear shorts again! 

Ahh shorts… long, short, baggy, fitted, capri, over-the-knee, above-the-knee, denim, striped, batik, hemp, linen, cuffed, rolled, designer, high-street…

Shorts have always been a wardrobe staple of mine but alas I have suddenly realised that I now own but 2 pairs of shorts in my entire wardrobe.  This is a shocking and at the very least, very pitiful discovery.  

I love that this Parisienne knows how to work her shorts, even in the autumn!  

If you feel that you don’t have want to bare your legs to the world in shorts, try pairing them with some tights.  It looks cute and also keeps you from having to worry about a cold-snap, whether you’ve shaved or if you have any bruises on your legs (which I inevitably have due to my kids and my dog jumping and crawling all over me all the time).  

Elegance in white.

Casual street chic.

These shorts appear to be made of leather?  They look hot anyway, I love the ballet flats and the jacket.  Sophisticated and sharp.

Cut-offs are huge this season.  Get a pair of your own old jeans, steal your boyfriend’s (or hubby’s) or go to a thrift store and buy a pair that you can cut off that cost you next to nothing.

Sexy, stylish, ankle boots, knee-high boots, doc martins, espadrilles, thongs or ballet flats.

Etro Spring/Summer 2010.

Marni Spring/Summer 2010.

Cut-offs Hollywood style – worn with plaid) shirts.

I think I may just have to raid my hubby’s side of the wardrobe now and steal any jeans he may have forgotten about!  Cut-offs look good!

Ciao for now,


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6 thoughts on “She Wears Short Shorts

  1. I have looked at this blog so many times. I always hated shorts but now… i love them. Went out and bought myself some great denim, high waisted ones and they rule! Also tried the boyfriends jeans hacked up, love it too. I think i hated my legs not the shorts. Cant be bothered anymore.

  2. I totally agree with you – I miss wearing shorts!I'm so glad they're back.I just bought a pair of grungy denim shorts (appropriate length for my age obviously)and am already living in them:)

  3. Hey! Thanks likewise! I don't know what I can tell you about Sweden, it's cold, sometimes interesting, sometimes far away and boring, fun, dark, and dark again:) I'll try to make some nice postings om it on my English blog!

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