I Heart Audrey as Coco

The magnificent Audrey Tautou as Coco Chanel.  She was hypnotic!

I have just returned from seeing Coco Avant Chanel ( – yes I am aware that I am well overdue in seeing this wonderful film, but my life just doesn’t allow me to get to many movies these days). 

I loved it!  What a woman, so much guts and determination, so inspirational!  I loved how the director illustrated how Coco’s talent was born and also how she drew her inspiration – how obvious it seemed to her.  She simply saw things differently and she never let convention hold her back.   

She wasn’t afraid to speak her mind nor let society tell her how to behave.  She broke free of the ties that others felt bound to and wore her clothes how she wanted to wear them.  It just makes me feel so proud to be a woman… I mean, how lucky are we that  Coco was the woman who gave us Pret-a-porter – she gave rise to the way we dress today.

If it wasn’t for Coco, would we still be wearing corsets?  I wonder?  She took a gift for tailoring and millinery, and turned it into an empire.  She was a true trailblazer.  

Coco’s classic suit interpreted by Karl Largerfeld, in my favourite colour green – it’s on my wish list, of course.  

Thank you Coco for being so brave.

Ciao for now,

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One thought on “I Heart Audrey as Coco

  1. I was just catching up with your posts! So much to comment.
    1-I saw the trailer for Coco last week and I want to watch the movie so much, she really was such a strong woman and had such an importance to fashion. I think the movie will be very inspiring, but living in Brazil, only God knows when I'll get the chance to do it.
    2- Paris fashion week. Again, understanding so very little about fashion, I feel educated reading your posts 🙂 I loved the green dress from Colette Dinnegan. But that's the only piece that really caught my eye. There are some other nice clothes, but I wouldn't go crazy about them.
    3-You are moving to Australia? That's nice. It takes some effort to re-adapt, of course, but things always happen for the best, I believe.
    I'm glad you liked the post on my blog, it's good to see reblogging it brought some light into someone else's life. 🙂 One of the things that makes keeping a blog worthwhile, I guess.
    Enough said for now. Best wishes on your new "old" life back home.

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