Milan Spring 2010 Runway: Bringing Sexy Back


According to all reports, legs were the biggest thing on show on the runways at the Milan Fashion Week.  Deconstruction of some serious 80s and early 90s trends was also prevalent.  Some designer’s collections were a triumph and others… well, let’s just say that some were obviously struggling to bring their ideas to reality.

Dolce and Gabbana
Lace, fishnet, figure-hugging shapes and the shortest of hems featured throughout the collection, but the most notable aspect was the colour – or rather the lack thereof.  Black featured heavily and considering this was the Spring collection it leaves me wondering why so much black?  What little colour there was was bold but still dark and too wintery for me.

Fringe with heavy ankle boots, very 80s inspired.

Lace overlay with ruffled skirt, ankle socks and heels.  Very 80s!

Fishnet overlay, very reminiscent of their early 90s creations.

Patterned lace overlay, again very 90s.  I think I remember seeing Christy and Naomi in a similar look back in the day?

Madonna’s Like A Virgin springs to mind here, minus the purple lights and fingerless gloves of course.

Splashes of colour, but again not bright like one would expect from a Spring collection.  The one on the right is very 90s inspired with the form-fitting pencil skirt.

Ruffles, leopard print and Doc Martin style boots.  All it needs is the laddered fishnet tights and the fingerless gloves – oh and the teased hair too!

I always love whatever Consuela Castiglioni sends down the runway because I adore her use of colour, print and her quirkiness.  This runway show was no exception as she worked her prints and mismatched stripes with spots.  I also adored the scarf wrapped hair.

Vertical stripes on their own or mixed with spots or stripes on the diagonal, only Marni can do it and make it look so wearable.

Jackets tied at the waist and shorts under tunics and blouses featured.  Socks with open-toe sandals – somehow it just worked.

My favourite look from the Marni Spring 2010 runway.  The mixture of stripes and of course, the colour green!

Alberta Ferretti
Once again Alberta didn’t fail to show off her expertise with chiffon.  Sticking to her rules of layering and expert cutting but using the trends of the season to inject some gorgeous points of difference that just made her collection stand out.  It was beautiful and masterful in my opinion.

Pure Alberta Ferretti, chiffon and a subtle colour palette.

Billowy blousing with a form fitting skirt, the inverted triangle shape, and lace overlay, very 80s.

Tailored jackets, belted and paired with chiffon skirt. Alberta’s original deconstruction of fishnet in the overlay here is pure genius, I just love it.  

Alberta’s colour palette is always divine.  This dress on the left reminded me of my own wedding dress when I saw it.  Not the colour, but the shape and the straps.  Alberta wasn’t afraid to shorten her hem-lengths either.

My absolute favourite of the collection.  Albert’as mixture of vertical and what appears to be chevron-style striping is just gorgeous!

You know I don’t like to be negative here on my blog, but I just have put in a little about Gucci and Roberto Cavalli.  What were they thinking?  Frida Giannini and Roberto’s shows were lacklustre, uninspired and frankly, dead-boring.  Sorry, but it’s true.

Frida Giannini sent her models down the runway with bland shades and big shoulders.  Short leather jackets with huge should pads featured (blah) and overall it was very uninspiring. 

High-waisted pants, cropped leather jackets in grey – for spring?  This black dress is Gucci’s only saving grace.  It’s lovely and I’m sure some Hollywood starlet will be seen sashaying up a red carpet event somewhere soon, perhaps even at the Oscars?

Roberto Cavalli
Deconstructed is the only positive word I can use to describe Roberto’s collection.  While he did use some gorgeous floral fabrics, layering with lots of chiffon and silk, it’s just all wrong.  The master of sexy low cut dressing has gone for something different this time and unfortunately not one item is wearable (in my opinion).  Harsh criticism I know, and I’m sorry, but if you take a look at the following, I’m sure you’ll see what I mean!

A subtle palette featured strongly, but again, dull grey and dull prints… And what, I ask you, is he trying say with the transparent pants under the skirts? 

Again, jackets left open but belted to reveal what’s underneath but worn underneath is another version of those trousers.  Why?  And this jumpsuit.  I’m not going to write anything because it would be too harsh.

This jacket tied around her waist is the only saving grace of Cavalli’s collection in my opinion.  The gorgeous liberty style fabric lining is gorgeous. Ok and the cut of the pants is beautiful too, but that’s it I’m afraid.

Well I promise you I have saved the best for last.  Donatella has outdone herself this time.  Her designs have been truly inspired by the 80s and early 90s, dare I say that she may have even channeled her brother Gianni perhaps when designing this collection.  Every one was a masterpiece, but I have chosen just a few which I think are the standouts.  Enjoy!

These two gowns are my favourites.  Pretty spring colours, flowing fabrics, just divine!

Rocking the 80s inspired fabrics and hem-lengths – checkout the Joan Jett hairstyle on Freha!  And what about that see-through hem on Natasha Poly.  Only for the very daring (and the recently waxed!).

Big belts, tight dresses, ankle booties and spotty leg-warmers?  Very cool.

Transparent skirts over boy-leg bodysuits, for the very daring.  I love this suit, so early 90s with it’s details and cinching belt.  Is that spots I see on her heels?

Well that’s it for me this week.  Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Ciao for now,


P.S. Thank you to my big bro Kyle; fellow cake-eater, thanks for the link! xx


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2 thoughts on “Milan Spring 2010 Runway: Bringing Sexy Back

  1. Hello!
    I love to come here and read about fashion, since I don't know much about it, it's good to be informed about what's going on. I don't really like the style from the 80's… be it in clothes, make-up or interior design, which is something I actually understand about. But, anyway, if it's coming back, then fine…we work with that. I just have to say I absolutely detest shoulder pads! ahhh…they are terrible!!! They make me remember about blouses my mom used to have that had those things on…arhg…just not nice.
    Ok, moving on, the collection by Alberta Ferretti is very lovely indeed and I like it a lot. The purple dresses are my favorites. Also have to agree with you, that black dress from Gucci is very beautiful.
    that's enough rambling for this comment.

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