Well-Dressed Men

I thought it was time to acknowledge some of the gorgeous and well-dressed men I have come across while researching my blogs.  There are quite a few of them filling up my pictures folder so it is time to do something with them… and of course I just want to share some gorgeous men with you!

Maybe you might get inspiration for your man (I don’t tell my man what to wear, and lets face it, we really shouldn’t try to… but a hint in the right direction always does wonders, n’est-ce pas?)

Photographer Alexi Lubormurski – check those blue eyes!

Tom Brady – lucky Giselle

Eric Bana rocks the plaid shirt

Gerard Butler, doesn’t he just ooze bad boy?

Ryan Reynolds – I just love the gentleman-biker look.  

Robert Redford –  seems the newsboy cap has been a favourite for a while.

Chris Martin – a long-time fan.

I am addicted to his music, his voice, his lyrics, his guitar… makes me weak at the knees every time.

Laid back and casual, love that blue denim shirt with the rolled cuffs and converse.
Cute shorts and polo shirt with again, no socks… hmm

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.  Today is the end of term for my girls and so the next two weeks I will be doing my best to blog regularly, but you know how it is… the girls come first! 
Ciao for now,


Sources: People.com, GQ.com, Details.com, Google.com, The Sartorialist.
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