A Woman’s Right To Shoes


What is it about shoes that just makes us women swoon?  For some they are an addiction, their drug of choice.  The beauty of shoes is that you are never too fat for them, (no matter the time of the month) and as Wendy at HARRY’S of Seatoun said to me this morning, “you could be having a day where you feel that your clothes are just not looking their best on you, but you never get that with shoes.”  And for that, shoes truly are a gift from heaven, oui?

According to the GUARDIAN newspaper in Britain, one in two British women own more than 30 pairs of shoes.  The article went on to say that one in four women would rather buy a pair of shoes than pay a bill.  HARPERS BAZAAR conducted a survey once and discovered that one in ten women said she spent more than £1000 on shoes in a year and that 8% of women own more than 100 pairs of shoes.

Here is my current collection of shoe lust – this is mega, be warned because there is bound to be something here that you will want, must have, lust after, maybe even contemplate killing for, but most of all I promise you that you WILL dream about them!

Dries Van Noten





Barbara Bui

Alexander McQueen




Jimmy Choo






Louis Vuitton

Manolo Blahnik


Michael Kors

Ohne Titel

Pierre Hardy



Sonia Rykiel

Sigerson Morrison






Vivienne Westwood



YSL Tributes

I remember Carrie in Sex and the City realising to her horror that she had spent so much money on shoes over the years that she literally could have bought an apartment with the money she had spent.  

Shoes give you an instant lift, surgery without the knife, so to speak. Heels transform the way you walk and how you carry yourself because they instantly give you that sexy walk that Marilyn Monroe was so famous for because you are forced to stick out your derriere in one direction and your breasts in the other.  Instant sex-bomb.  It’s easy to see how Carrie couldn’t help herself.

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Sources: JakandJil.com, Cherry Blossom Girl, Style.com, The Guardian,   If I have missed anyone, I apologise.

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4 thoughts on “A Woman’s Right To Shoes

  1. oh Heidi, I bought my first pair of christian lacroix shoes when I was in NYC and my relationship with shoes will never be the same again… trying them on, buying them, taking them home in that fabulous bag, taking them out of the box for the first time, wearing them only indoors for the first few weeks then taking them outdoors for their very first time…heaven on earth! xxx

  2. Mmhmm… shoes… yes. There's just something about shoes. I remember watching that Sex and the City episode. I love shoes, and after reading this, I believe I have to go out and buy me some extra pairs.

  3. Oh that second Prada pair…
    What I wouldn't do for a pair of those babies!
    (I use the term 'babies' due to the affection and love I feel towards them)

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