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So yes, I do have a thing for chairs. It’s true. I have more chairs than bums in our house. But I oh I do love them.

Chairs can turn an otherwise boring room around. All of my chairs have a story. I love that about them. My first chair was given to me when I was only a teenager, by a Canadian friend and over the years I painted it many different colours until I finally had it completely stripped back to reveal its beautiful Silky Oak timber. Over the years I found two lovely ladder-back chairs which I found in an old shearer’s cottage on a sheep station. A couple of bentwood and Australian colonial spindle-wood with rattan seats and of course my station-master’s chair that I sit on every day when I am writing. I have a small collection of wicker arm chairs that I scavenged off the street and a divine Chesterfield three-seater lounge that we were given by a truly benevolent friend in our time of need when we needed a new couch and were unable to afford one. I have scrimped and saved and had to pay-off many of my chairs because some of them are over 100 years old and too valuable for me to be able to buy outright.

Alas, being old chairs, they are prone to the effects of age and from time to time they require TLC and some repairs. At the moment I have two chairs that are not safe to sit on as they are in dire need of clamping, gluing and generally a good rest. But I love them anyway.

Here are some gorgeous images of chairs and the places we put them – all just to have time to reflect, read, relax, cuddle, enjoy a cup of tea or glass of wine. Fill your imagination with to inspire your living space, your workspace or any space you can think of. Christine, this blog’s for you darling!

To say my friend Christine is a chair whore may sound harsh, at first. But this girl truly knows her chairs, she lives and breathes them. I have learnt more about modern design from her than from anybody else. She is truly passionate about chairs and it is this passion that has inspired this blog.

My dining / kitchen table has an eclectic mix of chairs around it. I have always felt that, for me, a table with all the same chairs is just too formal. I imagine that if I did have a formal dining room some day, then I will furnish it with identical chairs. But for informal dining, a table surrounded by a collection of chairs I love, well it is the perfect mix for me.

I love the flockati rug under this table. I could never have this look as with children who still prefer eating with their hands like cave people, as opposed to using their cutlery, the food invariably ends up on the floor under their feet. Not a good look with this type of floor rug.

How cool is this idea? Remember your teacher at school forever telling you to stop rocking on your chair, lest you rock too far back, fall backwards and crack your skull? Well all schools need to buy these chairs. Problem solved.

Eames. The Aston Martin of chairs for me.

Eero Aarnio Ball chair. Just one of the coolest chairs ever. I always wanted one of these to be my reading chair or just a chair I can crawl into and hide away from when I am having a bad day.

Eames Rosewood


Vintage Eames.

Harry Belltoia

Kartell Louis Ghost

The Naked Lounge chair d’amore by Russell Grigg.

I really like the use of colour here. The accessories have dressed up the room, but with yellow, this room could easily be more casual too.

The tulip chair. Always a favourite.

I am going to have to find some more modern chairs to put in my home I think. Something less likely to need so many repairs. Some of these contemporary designs are so beautiful to look at, just like works of art.

Many of these fabulous chairs are available to buy right now if you wish from the fabulous online store  I recently discovered this amazing store (they ship globally by the way) and they have reproductions of designer chairs, check them out!

Ciao for now,

Source:, designsponge, chairwhore, livingetc.

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