Because I felt like it…

Ok, so I know I’ve been fiddling with my blog layout again… I just can’t help myself, I told you before that I love to re-arrange the furniture in my house; I guess that my blog is just an extension of that!

My parents flew over from Oz last night.  They are going to spend a few weeks with us here, hanging out with the grandkids and such.  I can’t wait to just show off Wellington to them, there is so much I want them to see here.  So if I am a little slack in my blogging, please forgive me.

I promise to make it up to you.

Catherine Baba – so chic.

I guess the recession has made some of us a little more creative with our wardrobe.

Photo by Elanor Harwick from Gwendolyne.

J’adore this photo.  So cute.  

While we’re on the cute theme…

Love this look of a long, flowing skirt worn with a tailored jacket.
Close up, this skirt is covered in studs.  Tough chic.  So cool.

Ciao for now,

Heidi x
It’s really happening!  Filming has commenced on the Sex and the City movie sequel!!  Much excitement!

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