Milla Jovovich: Stylish Girl

I have always admired Milla’s style.  I have been collecting images of her ensembles in my mind and in my scrapbooks for years now.  She always looks sexy and isn’t afraid to show off her body, but I guess if you had a body like hers, why shouldn’t you show it off?

Most people will recognise Milla from her modeling work for L’Orèal but she is also an accomplished singer-songwriter and actress.  She isn’t your every day actress though because she seems to have cornered the market in action hero(ine) roles and has become a huge star for roles that see her saving the world in films such as The Fifth Element (1997) and of course the Resident Evil series (which is where she met her now husband Paul Anderson).

Milla on the cover of Elle Italia.

Milla has a natural confidence and this shows in how she dresses, especially in her red carpet choices.

I like dressing sexily, but I dress for me because guys don’t care as long as you’re showing some skin. You can walk around in short shorts and a tube top and men will think you look great. It’s only women who notice your shoes.”
Milla Jovovich was born in Kiev, Ukraine in 1975.  She moved to America with her parents when she was five and when she was nine, Milla started acting class which led to modeling at the age of eleven.
Milla didn’t speak English and to ease the feeling of alienation brought on by her peers, Milla developed a fertile imagination and fantasy life and fascination with all things mythical and magical.
“I was obsessed with fairies… I loved them. And I felt like I belonged to the forest.  Life, I thought, would be so much cooler as a wood nymph!”

I am such a fan of stripes!  Especially navy and white stripes.  Even if this dress was horrible, which it’s not – I would still be drawn to it.  My eyes naturally gravitate toward stripes.  I love her hair in the second picture.  If you look at pictures of Milla when she was a lot younger, her hair was very long and had lovely curls.  Looking at her hair in this picture, wow.  Just goes to show how a good hair cut can change your whole look.  She looks sophisticated and grown up.

I love this little Miu Miu dress, it’s always been a favourite.  She looks classy and chic.

Milla’s major responsibility now is to her almost 2 year-old daughter Ever Gabo (such a little cutie too).

Since Ever’s birth, Milla’s style has become more effortless and unfussy – must have something to do with hitting those early 30s, and not having the time to devote to how you look because all of your time is taken up with wrangling children.  I know it did for me.
Casual chic and simple, unfettered elegance.
Layers and denim.
Pretty and street chic.

Milla is natural and funny and doesn’t take herself too seriously, which is a good way to be, n’est-ce pas?

Recently Milla married Paul Anderson, father to her little girl Ever.  Milla designed her own dress and as you can see from the picture below, she chose a bohemian edge but she also still exuded elegance and grace, while all the while remaining classic Milla.

“The most beautiful women in history aren’t always the most interesting. “If men find me sexy, I would have to say it’s about the whole package. Men will often leave a beautiful woman for a woman with a strong personality who is funny.”

Milla’s style influences my wardrobe with her simple elegance and her dare to bare attitude, showing-off a bare shoulder here or her long legs there.  We should never be afraid to show-off our best assets, whether they be your toes, your pinky finger, your décolletage, your lips, your derrière, or your waist, whatever it may be.  Simple elegance is not hard to find in your wardrobe, it is just a matter of taking a second look at something that you may have been too afraid to wear and throwing it on and mixing it up with something you love to wear everyday even – a favourite denim jacket perhaps, or your favourite ballet flats.  Look beyond what you see when you open that wardrobe door.  I promise you, you’ll be surprised every time.

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