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This blog was meant to be posted yesterday, but I had iPhoto issues… so please pretend when you read it that it is still Friday for me, ok?

It’s Friday and I didn’t feel like writing something huge today.  I am instead filled with excitement about my new haircut!  I’ve cut off all the old dead energy, erased the bad memories of the past three years and revealed a new me!  Ta da!

Thank you Katrina at Kristina Raffaele in Wellington City.  You are a genius!  And thank you to Sarah from recommending you to me, you are a true friend for sharing your hairdresser with me xx.

After casting off the old (old, old) Heidi, I feel like I want to share some things with you that are inspiring me right now.  Enjoy my lovelies and please, please feel free to share your thoughts with mine by leaving me a comment at the end!

But, first …

I just adore this picture of Demi Moore by Ellen Von Unwerth.  This could be Tallulah, yes?

These two are cool.  Love the Panama, love the skirt and tights and flats, love the leather jacket with the skirt and tights.  Love it, love it, love it!

Can’t wait to see this at the Penthouse.  Come on September 1st!  I feel like I am the only person in the world who hasn’t seen this yet.

Is this jewellery overload?  I guess she likes to be on time?  Maybe each watch is set to a different time zone?  I like it anyway.

I think this is such a cool tattoo.  She could be a designer (she’s a fashionista at the very least) and this is her way of letting it show.  Original, daring, fearless, n’est-ce pas?

Yummy Miu Miu – just divine.  

I hope I am as chic as this woman when I am her age.  She is just sooooo stylish, j’adore!

Try it out this weekend.  (This is for you Mano xx)

Ciao for now, and have a gorgeous weekend.


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