Carolina Herrera Jr: Stylish Girl

“I never thought I’d end up working for my mother, not at all! – I was never that into fashion.”

I remember Carolina mostly for her gorgeous love-seat that she bought on eBay for less than $100. She had only recently settled in Spain and was in need of furnishings for her apartment.  She bought it, shipped it and then had it recovered. I saw this ages ago in a magazine, (which one – who knows), but I loved it too and have never forgotten it. It also of course, introduced me to her and her great sense of style and taste – in fashion and in decorating.

Carolina Jr and a portrait of her mother as a young woman in Venezuela.  

Venezuelan-born Carolina Herrera Jr, was born into style but it seems she is naturally stylish in everything she puts her mind to.  Carolina’s namesake is her mother, fashion designer Carolina Herrera.

Mother and daughter in Venezuela.

Before Carolina became a perfume adviser for her mother’s company, she was a producer of films, mostly documentaries which was where she thought her future was headed.

“I loved it… (but) when I went to college I trained in the sciences and decided to go into research, but then it all took so long… I just decided I didn’t want to do it.”

Then after meeting a film director and taking a job as a production assistant,

“I had such fun, I was on the road every day living out of a suitcase and eating on the run.  but I like to try my hand at many things.”  But her destiny lay elsewhere.

Working for her mother came about because she asked her daughter for help with a new perfume.

“She told me she wanted to do a new perfume for a young, hip Manhattan woman and I guess I was young and maybe hip.  I don’t know!”

Carolina launched her first perfume with her mother’s fashion house in 1997.  

Carolina became her mother’s muse and is involved in everything from the consulting on the creation of a perfume to packaging and advertising.
“My mother taught me that the best accessory is the invisible fragrance.  If you have a scent that makes you feel beautiful, it comes across in your expressions and the way you carry yourself.”

Carolina is very natural and talkative with a wild mane of dark curly hair.  She was born in Caracas Venezuela into a life of privilidge but left there at 14 to move to New York with her Mother and sisters.  Carolina Jr looks very young for her 36 years and wears tracksuits, trainers, shapeless T-shirts and minimal jewellery when not working.

Carolina lives in Madrid with her husband, former Matador, Miguel Baéz and their 3 children, Olympia, Miguel and Atalanta.

Carolina has that gorgeous wavy hair that always looks done, even if she hardly ever brushes it – which she admits to and only straightens it for official photos, but doesn’t really care for how that looks.

And her makeup?  She doesn’t like foundation but evens her skin out with YSL Touche èclat (this is a miracle item – H), curls her lashes and only wears mascara on her bottom lashes.  She also recommends Guerlain Kohl powder eyeliner, having used it for years.

Even pregnant, Carolina exudes style and confidence.  I love this colour, and with the simplicity of the dress she looks serene.  
A more casual pregnancy ensemble – chic and simple.  

Here is a little insight into Carolina and her shopping habits (courtesy of The Guardian).

Do you shop much?
I used to. I mainly shop for my children now.
What about for yourself?
I often buy things from the high street – my favourites are Gap, Topshop, Zara and Urban Outfitters. Occasionally I will buy one good thing that isn’t a fashion item but will last and last – some lovely boots or a cashmere sweater. I also dip into the Carolina Herrera closet – that’s the only designer shopping I do.
How would you describe your shopping philosophy?
I hate shopping with people so I always go alone. And I do a lot of my shopping online. I love Boden.
What makes a successful shopping trip?
When I’ve bought something that I won’t regret.
Does shopping cheer you up?
Well, kind of. It certainly doesn’t stress me out unless there are a huge crowds. Oh, and maybe when I’m in Barneys and I’m trying to buy jeans. Jeans shopping stresses me out.  (I hear that!)
What is your guiltiest purchase?
A pair of leather boots I bought in Moscow. I knew that I could get the same pair in suede in New York for half the price. I was thinking, do I do it? Do I not? But I’d fallen in love with the leather pair. I just had to have them.
What was the last thing you bought?
Some T-shirts in Topshop.
What can’t you get through the week without buying?
Coffee. Or maybe the newspaper. I don’t read it every day but I always buy it on a Sunday.

Carolina in Vanity Fair Fanfair, June 2009.

Carolina seems very down to earth and très normalè, oui?  Oh, except for that whole access to the Carolina Herrera closet thing.  But I think I can forgive her that!

Ciao for now,

Heidi x

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