Giovanna Battaglia: Stylish Girl

I have today started a new style profile series on women I look to for inspiration when it comes to my wardrobe and dressing.

These women offer inspiration in all its guises – their effortless style, their clothes, their hair, their overall look.  It could be their scarf, their trousers or tights, their hat, shoes, skirt, shirt, coat or blouse.

Introducing the first of our Style Innovators…

Giovanna Battaglia, Italian, fashion editor at Vogue L’Uomo and freelance stylist.  I first came across Giovanna on The Sartorialist.  She was wearing these bright canary yellow trousers, strutting down the Champs Elysèes like it was her own personal runway.

Giovanna’s allure exudes elegance, and she has a gift for interpreting many different trends to suit her personal style, which is obviously what makes her such a successful editor and stylist.

Giovanna knows how to get the most from her wardrobe.  She reinvents her daily wardrobe by wearing her clothes in many different ways, which is great for me because this is how most of us mere mortals live from day to day.  We don’t have access to the Vogue “closet” nor do we have vast sums of money to constantly update our wardrobe.  Giovanna gives me so many ideas, every time I see a picture of her on The Sartorialist or on Garance Dorè, I find myself reworking a belt with pants I haven’t worn in a while, or pairing something unexpected with something I wear daily, or even trying something completely different.

“It’s just that Giovanna can wear whatever she wants and she still stays Giovanna. Always, and never the same, with her hair down or up, in a parka or evening gown, never a fault in her taste, she is the incarnation of the famous adage that we are all so tired of hearing, mostly just because it’s true: Fashion comes and goes. Style stays.” – Garance Dorè

She opens my eyes to new possibilities, that’s what she does.

Check out Giovanna’s work here.

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