A Bit of a Moment (a.k.a. mummy is having a mini meltdown)

There just isn’t enough hours in the day sometimes.

I have no time today to finish writing the post I had planned and I am freaking out a little over the party preparations I am supposed to be doing for Annabel’s birthday party on Sunday.

 My youngest Princess, Annabel Jade, frolicking on the beach. 

There is sooo much to do and even though there is only going to be 8 little princesses attending this soirèe, I am going out of my mind with all the preparations!  List after list is being written up so I don’t forget a thing.  Being as prepared as I possibly can is the only way to avoid disaster at this point.

And so I am going to take a deep breath, let it out slowly and get on with it – because this is not about moi.  This is about Annabel and making wonderful memories of childhood with her.


I shall begin by taking some advice from a friend:

or even better…

Thanks Mrs B. xx

Wish me luck!


Sources: Ffffound!

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