I just don’t know what to do with Myself…


As you know my girls are on school holidays and it has been a challenge, not just because it is only the second time that I have had to go through this experience, but also because it has RAINED every single day.  If there has been a day that it hasn’t rained, I’m afraid that I am unable to recall it because my brain has turned to mush.

And so, because said brain is mushy, I have decided that today’s post is going to be filled with rainy day inspiration, fun and frivolity… just to make me feel good about the fact that my husband has had to go to LA (again!) during the school holidays and I am left home alone to wrangle the children – eek! 
I know, woe is me.  Look, I’m not asking for your pity, just to ride it with me!

 I’m dreaming of warm, sunny days.

I miss my kitty. 
Having fun with my girls and making the most of the wet weather.

Enjoy frivolity.

I know I should be doing some work, but instead I will play dress ups and make inside tents with my girls and hope that the rain stops soon so that we can go for a walk with our dog Jet along the beach.

Some handsome men to ogle…
Why?  Because well frankly, who needs a reason?

Maybe just a few more handsome men because one can never get tired of them, can one?

I’m on a roll here, and it feels like I should go with it…

I am going to try really hard to stop fighting life and do my best to enjoy the challenges I am faced with and to remember to focus on the wonder of it all before it passes me by.

Ciao for now,

Sources: ffffound!, people.com, fuckyeahhughjackman, GQ, if I’ve missed anyone out, please forgive me.

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